How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 30 2016

"Divine Comedy" poet DANTE
"Fun, Fun, Fun" car in 1960s hit TBIRD
"Give it a go" TRY
"I was so foolish!" SILLYME
"Les __": musical nickname MIZ
"M*A*S*H" Emmy winner for acting, writing and directing ALDA
"__ your pardon" IBEG
Author Rice ANNE
Blood-typing letters ABO
Boston Marathon mo APR
Capital near Zurich BERN
Cheerios descriptor OATY
Choose paper over plastic? PAYCASH
Church chorus AMENS
Components of many tips ONES
Con job RUSE
Cracker with a scalloped edge RITZ
Cube that rolls DIE
Drink on credit RUNATAB
Enter gradually EASEIN
Exited quickly, in slang BAILED
Fallopian tube traveler OVUM
Final, e.g EXAM
German autos BMWS
Get hitched SAYIDO
Give in to wanderlust ROAM
Go up in smoke FAIL
Ill-fated 1967 moon mission APOLLOI
Karen Carpenter's instrument DRUMS
Kick up a fuss SQUAWK
Labor day doc OBGYN
Made even, to a carpenter TRUEDUP
Make faces for the camera MUG
Meat and greet patio party? BARBQ
Medicine Hat's prov ALTA
Member of the fam SIB
Mini-albums, briefly EPS
Muffin mix additive BRAN
Multi-platinum Steely Dan album AJA
Noise from a 55-Down OINKING
Old salts SEADOGS
One who helps you find a part? AGENT
Online guide SITEMAP
Orders with mayo BLTS
Org. for docs AMA
Pays for cards ANTESUP
PCs' "brains" CPUS
Platte River tribe OTO
Pollen carrier BEE
Prom partner DATE
Provides with a soundtrack DUBS
Rejections NOS
Shakespeare's river AVON
Shoot the breeze YAK
Skylit courtyards ATRIA
Smidgens IOTAS
Stockholm carrier SAS
Sunday service providers CLERGY
Supplements, with "to" ADDS
Switz. neighbor AUS
Tech giant IBM
The majors PROBALL
Thicket COPSE
Two-horse wager EXACTA
Type of pen STY
Uber competitors CABS
Vanna's cohort PAT
Viral Internet phenomenon MEME
Women's undergarment, briefly CAMI
Yemeni port ADEN
Yes, to a cowboy? YOUBETYOURBOOTS
Yes, to a traffic court judge? SUITSMEJUSTFINE
Yes, to an architect? SOUNDSLIKEAPLAN
Yes, to the Magic 8 Ball ITISDECIDEDLYSO
[uh-oh] GULP
__ joint HIP
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