How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 30 2014

"C'mon, pal!" AWMAN
"It matters to us" WECARE
"Out of the question" NODICE
"Say it soft and it's almost like praying" girl of song MARIA
"Waverley" novelist SCOTT
'50s-'60s Yankee Boyer CLETE
1957 Bobbettes hit MRLEE
Accident report? BLAMEFORM
Aftershock TREMOR
Agent Gold on "Entourage" ARI
Aimée of "La Dolce Vita" ANOUK
All there SANE
All-Star outfielder Raul IBANEZ
Announce HERALD
Auto racer Fabi TEO
Backwoods RURAL
Baloney ROT
Base shade? KHAKI
Boosters, as a group FANBASE
Brewery lineup KEGS
Cake with a kick BABA
Central California city ATWATER
Chicago airport code ORD
Classic Capek play RUR
Come together MERGE
Competition with ropes RODEO
Confrontational opening NON
Continue interminably DRAGON
Cough drop flavor MENTHOL
Declines with a check, maybe RSVPS
Derisive looks SNEERS
Diacritic for a long vowel sound MACRON
Diamond Preferred credit card offerer CITI
Drive, often TEESHOT
E.T. policers of film MIB
Early computer acronym ENIAC
Earthen wall BERM
Eastern guru SWAMI
Emotional shock TRAUMA
Ending for sub- or ex- URB
Equally, say ADVERB
Equals PEERS
Familia member MADRE
Fanatic MANIAC
Fella BRO
Fill with bubbles AERATE
Foot on a farm HOOF
Gear features TEETH
Glower? EMBER
Goes for COSTS
Hardly well-thought-out INANE
Have __: flip out ACOW
Having four sharps INE
High land TIBET
Hiker's snack NUTBAR
Hockey legend Bobby et al ORRS
Hosp. scanners MRIS
Howdy to a mate GDAY
Increase GROW
Keats work ODE
Kimono accessory OBI
Kitchen protection APRON
L.A.'s __ Center AON
Leftovers cover SARAN
Lic.-issuing bureau DMV
Liftoff sensation GFORCE
Like slalom courses TWISTY
Lotto variant BEANO
Many a network AIRER
Map type: Abbr TOPOG
McJob holder PEON
Memorial news item OBIT
Model Sastre INES
Moose Jaw's prov SASK
More repulsive VILER
More than walk TROT
Mount sacred to Judaism ZION
Nail down, as victory ICE
Nordstrom rival SAKS
Not so elevated LOWER
Notre Dame's conf ACC
Official loafer of the realm? KINGDOMBUM
Old Bristol-Myers toothpaste IPANA
On alert WARY
One helping swingers? BATBOY
One may weep after being told to do this READEM
One of a dozen MONTH
Ones with seats INS
Online meeting place CHATROOM
P.O. deliveries PKGS
Patriot and Liberty JEEPS
Pet food giant PURINA
Pitching slips BALKS
Plenty SLEWS
Pondside stalk REED
Portland-to-Helena dir ENE
Prefix meaning "primary" ARCH
Pres. or P.M LDR
Proof jobs EDITS
Puzzled reactions SHRUGS
Qualifying exam for opera school? VOCALBOARD
Really enjoy SAVOR
Regular's request, with "the" USUAL
Restful break CATNAP
Roaring Twenties Hollywood sex symbol CLARABOW
Robin selling Roquefort? CHEESEBIRD
Romantic request KISSME
Rossini's Doctor Bartolo, e.g BASSO
Rules immortal HOYLE
Run well HUM
Sadat of Egypt ANWAR
Salutes of a sort TOASTS
Sch. with a Waterbury campus UCONN
Scientology guru Hubbard LRON
Scott who sued for his freedom DRED
Scruff NAPE
Seashell, maybe MEMENTO
Sidewalk vendor's income? STREETBREAD
Silent MUM
Sketched a Gibb brother? DREWBARRY
Skinny sort SCRAG
Skip, as stones DAP
Smoothie fruit BERRY
Smug look GLOAT
Something made on a star? WISH
Spiffs (up) NEATENS
Sporty '80s Pontiac FIERO
Standout GEM
Steeped salad topping? BREWEDOIL
Their parts are hard to tell apart JIGSAWS
Trypanosome transmitter TSETSE
Turn right GEE
Two-mile-high city LAPAZ
Undersea party pooper? MARINEBORE
Up from Méjico NORTE
Vaudeville family name FOY
Villain's backwoods hideout? BADDIESHACK
What a dot may mean, in mus STAC
What you can't get if you pass the bar? DRINK
__ anglais: English horn COR
__ lab CHEM
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