How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 23 2014

"... such stuff / As dreams __ made on": Shak ARE
"Annie" couple? ENS
"Fight of the Century" contender ALI
"Funny Girl" actor SHARIF
"I see," at sea AYE
"Ice Road Truckers" truck SEMI
"In __ Eyes": Peter Gabriel hit YOUR
"Never __ Me Go": Kazuo Ishiguro novel LET
"OMG, stop telling me all this!" TMI
"Pinocchio" goldfish CLEO
"Silas Marner" novelist ELIOT
"That proves it" IRESTMYCASE
"Walk on By" singer Warwick DIONNE
1952 Groucho Marx film AGIRLINEVERYPORT
A pop PER
Actress Sommer ELKE
Affectedly cultured ARTY
All aflutter AGOG
Apothecary's bottle PHIAL
Artist Magritte RENE
Australia's lang ENG
Barely believable LAME
Bath sponge LOOFA
Beach feature DUNE
Before, to Byron ERE
Binds TIES
Blackthorn fruit SLOE
Botanical balm ALOE
Brooks Robinson, notably ORIOLE
Brylcreem, e.g GEL
Call out CRY
Cambodia setting ASIA
Cellist Casals PABLO
Collar target FLEA
Colorado resort ASPEN
Comes in last LOSES
Continuous babble DIN
Dancer Charisse CYD
Deceptive action SMOKESCREEN
Doe's beau STAG
Edible tuber YAM
Ewes' guys RAMS
Fell from grace LAPSED
Flashing flirtatious looks OGLING
Fridge juice: Abbr ELEC
Futurist painter Severini GINO
Gather REAP
General Lee, in "The Dukes of Hazzard" DODGECHARGER
German ballads LIEDER
Girl o' my heart PEG
Give a hoot CARE
Hank who voices Moe Szyslak AZARIA
Honda, even in reverse? CIVIC
Hybrid citrus fruit UGLI
Intimate IMPLY
Italia seaport NAPOLI
John's 2008 running mate SARAH
Keeping up (with) INSTEP
King novel MISERY
Kool Moe Dee genre RAP
Lacing aid EYELET
Lampoon SATIRE
Least likely to make a faux pas POLITEST
Legendary attendant of Charlemagne PALADIN
Links cry FORE
Lowest gin card ACE
Lozenge TROCHE
Many a cottonwood POPLAR
Mario Kart console WII
Matter of faith DOGMA
Miles off AFAR
Most fair BLONDEST
Narrated TOLD
Nimbus AURA
North Pole explorer PEARY
Not taped LIVE
One doing sums ADDER
Opposite of six, on a die ONE
Own (up) FESS
Pet shop purchase LEASH
Phoned RANG
Plant sometimes called a false shamrock OXALIS
Plays the harpy NAGS
Precursor to reality shows like "Punk'd" CANDIDCAMERA
Prof's degree PHD
Puckish sort IMP
Really amazing, to a dude EPIC
Reporter assigned to a platoon, e.g EMBED
Request at a sitting SMILE
Ribbed fabric POPLIN
River nymph NAIAD
Rose pest APHID
Schubert classic AVEMARIA
Screwball ZANY
Seal, in a way TAPEUP
Second in command VEEP
Secondhand USED
Select CULL
Self-playing instrument PIANOLA
Severinsen and a dwarf DOCS
Sexy sleepwear LINGERIE
Shells out PAYS
Singer Grant AMY
Sitting duck PATSY
Slide preparations SMEARS
Slightly open AJAR
Slipshod POOR
Smart __ ALEC
Snorkeling site REEF
Soup holder CUP
Spinner in the wind VANE
Sploshed SPILT
Spoken ORAL
Starfleet captain KIRK
Statutes LAWS
Stood before the court APPEARED
Straightened (up) TIDIED
Stratford's river AVON
Swirling currents EDDIES
Team in a field OXEN
Test in a small room, maybe TRYON
Unlikely job for one with acrophobia? STEEPLEJACK
Uplift EDIFY
Upsilon follower PHI
Web revealer DEW
Went like the dickens TORE
What's-his-face SOANDSO
Where the ends of 22-, 34-, 54-, 71-, 88- and 107-Across and 14-Down can be found MOBILEPHONE
Wild African pig WARTHOG
Without a key ATONAL
Without pretension MODESTLY
Worker with many keys VALET
Writer Rand AYN
__ code PENAL
__ Domingo SANTO
__ Martin Cognac REMY
__ Valley, Calif SIMI
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