How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 20 2019

"A tradition __ any other": trademarked catchphrase for The Masters unlike
"It's clear now!" isee
"Otello" composer verdi
"X" author Grafton sue
About, in dates circa
Alters to fit tailors
Angry display fitofpique
Austin-to-Dallas dir nne
Barbershop member bass
Bee-related apian
Beer order pint
Big name in gaming atari
Breach rift
Breed also known as a Lion Dog pekingese
Bus alternative taxi
Catholic univ. in San Antonio marys
Colorful reef denizen angelfish
Cry while pointing a finger look
Declares avers
Detective's job case
Didn't play sat
Do some floor work mop
Facebook titter lol
Fitting apropos
General opening? softg
Graph line axis
Gridiron official ref
Guffaw syllable har
High regard esteem
Housing choice condo
Huck Finn creator twain
Hurricane strength term category
In the manner of ala
Ingrid's "Casablanca" role ilsa
Kagan on the bench elena
Least forward shiest
Like the Javanese calendar lunar
Moves rhythmically sways
Nasdaq debuts ipos
Nasty types meanies
Optimistic rosy
Pass along, with dubious etiquette regift
Pet control ordinance leashlaw
Pop soda
Port-au-Prince locale haiti
Prescribed goal quota
Prominent fox features ears
Rebecca's firstborn esau
Rope often coiled lasso
Sack holding a pig, in an old idiom poke
San __: Riviera resort remo
Sanction allow
Sedona, for one kia
Seer's deck tarot
Setbacks reversals
Similar (to) akin
Singer Nelson willie
Skill useful in delicate situations tact
Souvenir with a slogan tshirt
Survey surreptitiously takeapeek
Swear vow
Symphonic rock gp elo
The Eiger, for one alp
There are five in ten twos
They form a "cage" ribs
Towns on some maps dots
Transmit send
Warm feeling glow
Well-known famed
Westin competitor omni
When the volume is the highest peakseason
Winter sports mecca skiarea
Word with dance or root tap
Words With Friends and such apps
Work often recited poem
Writer Calvino italo
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