How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 17 2009

"Golden" principle RULE
"Hi-__ Hi-Lo" LILI
"I challenge you to __!" ADUEL
"Not __ out of you!" APEEP
*"__ on, dude!" PARTY
*Beatles classic with the line "We all want to change the world" REVOLUTION
*Billower on a pole FLAG
*Birdbath floaters ALGAE
*Check for proof of age CARD
*Coffee source BEAN
*Dapper topper BERET
*Item on a schoolmarm's desk, maybe APPLE
*Pizza topper ONION
*Pod resident PEA
*Science in industry TECHNOLOGY
*Single-gulp drink BELT
Airport WNW of Wrigley Field OHARE
Appropriate way to go today, which can precede the answers to starred clues GREEN
Archer with wings EROS
Are members BELONG
Beetle Bailey's superior SARGE
Brain scan, for short EEG
Bric-a-__ BRAC
Brief argument SETTO
Campus quarters FRAT
Champagne Tony of '60s golf LEMA
Channeling states TRANCES
Characterized by PRONETO
Child's boxful TOYS
Clay baker KILN
Creamy soup POTAGE
Declare as fact AVER
Dorm agts. RAS
Dust Bowl st. OKLA
Earthen pot OLLA
Emmy winner Edie FALCO
English class topic USAGE
Exultation GLEE
Four-sided fig. RECT
Freelance writer's encl. SAE
From the beginning ANEW
Get regular work FINDAJOB
Gradually make independent (from) WEAN
Greet the day ARISE
Hold responsible BLAME
In the cooler ONICE
Insane LOCO
Japanese currency YEN
Kal __: pet food company KAN
Kelly of talk RIPA
Lifts on slopes TBARS
Malt shop music machine, for short JUKE
Matchmaking god AMOR
McDonald's aptly named mascot before Ronald SPEEDEE
Morgen's opposite NACHT
Myth debunker FACT
NEA member TCHR
O'Brien of "D.O.A." EDMOND
Paddy grain RICE
Parishioner's "Yes!" AMEN
Pellet shooters AIRGUNS
Per unit APOP
Perfectly aligned ALLINAROW
Required to be filed, as a tax form DUE
Sci-fi saucer UFO
Sharp, like wit ACID
Smack add-on EROO
Spoil, as an outdoor party RAINON
Sportscast wrap-up RECAP
Stretch at the prom? LIMO
Support AID
Tended the flowers GARDENED
Tender cut LOIN
Theater section LOGE
Washes, as a driveway HOSES
__ impasse: stuck ATAN
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