How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 16 2019

"Divergent" heroine __ Prior tris
"The More You Know" segment, briefly psa
"The Sound of Music" name trapp
"Three Coins in the Fountain" composer Styne jule
"To Be Young, Gifted and Black" singer ninasimone
"What a tragedy" sosad
1-Down part: Abbr mtn
Cell terminals anodes
Church marriage notice banns
Colo. summer setting mdt
Contextual meaning sense
Cut off apart
Deadpan drily
Dell alternative acer
Facebook upload photoalbum
Factory problems recalls
Fair treat corndog
Fathom, e.g unit
Galaxy array apps
Gets on ages
Goose __ bumps
Grab (onto) glom
Green roller putt
Guitarist, slangily axman
Hardly a lost cause corrigible
Hawaiian for "long" loa
Holy one? terror
Home to Gotham City, Metropolis, etc dcuniverse
Jicama or rutabaga edibleroot
Lose shed
Maintained stated
Messenger substance rna
Model X maker, before 2017 teslamotors
Montana team in the '80s niners
Norfolk sch odu
Note near B asharp
Nursery item crib
Old-timey proof of purchase boxtop
One way to spread the news paperroute
Parts of a bigger picture subsystems
Persian for "king" shah
Pine product cone
Play __ games
Prospector's prize paydirt
Queen who sings, "The cold never bothered me anyway" elsa
Red head of the 20th century mao
Rhode Island's motto hope
Rough case bur
Runs races
Sacred Indian river ganges
Search subjects for 100+ yrs ets
Slangy "Please call" hitmeup
Snack that doesn't sound very appetizing antsonalog
Some halftime performers majorettes
Spanish "that" eso
Spot saver?: Abbr spca
Squee-worthy totesadorbs
Subject of the 1975 film "Overlord" dday
Technology term from the Greek for "far sight" television
The slightest change onecent
Triangular pastry samosa
Tribute opening atoast
Underworld hades
Unsafe? out
Walk with effort plod
Was fooled by the fake bit
Watterson's Calvin and Susie, at times rivals
What Pandora released evils
Wind in a pit oboe
Wonderland trial evidence tarts
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