How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 07 2011

"Downtown" singer Clark PETULA
"May __ excused?" IBE
"Mighty" tree OAK
"Star Trek" helmsman SULU
"Undersea World" explorer Jacques COUSTEAU
'60s atty. general who served under his brother RFK
Addis Ababa's country ETHIOPIA
Angel dust, briefly PCP
Approx. leaving hour ETD
Burger toppers ONIONS
Cash alternative CHECK
Cheap dance hall HONKYTONK
Christie sleuth Hercule POIROT
Coin flip call: Abbr. HDS
Color of suede shoes, in song BLUE
Colored part of the eye IRIS
Come __ end: conclude TOAN
Completely stump STYMIE
Diaphragm spasm that may be cured by holding one's breath HICCUP
Dines SUPS
Elephants, e.g. TUSKERS
End of a giggle HEE
Evita's married name PERON
Expresses stern disapproval of REBUKES
Family folk KIN
Fawn's mother DOE
Fellows MEN
Fortunate one LUCKYDUCK
Group with thirtysomethings, briefly GENX
Halloween mo. OCT
Handy bags TOTES
Have __ with: talk to ACHAT
Hockey disks PUCKS
Hooded coats PARKAS
Hot alcoholic drinks TODDIES
Invite to enter ASKIN
Joins, as stones in a wall CEMENTS
Kit __ bar KAT
Like drive-thru orders TOGO
Like small laddies WEE
Like strictly religious Jews ORTHODOX
Massage reactions AAHS
McGregor of "Moulin Rouge!" EWAN
Momentous HISTORIC
Most eligible for the draft ONEA
Mouth off to SASS
Número after siete OCHO
Occur together COINCIDE
On a slant CANTED
Onion soup holders CROCKS
Palmtop computers: Abbr. PDAS
Pass along softly, as a secret WHISPER
Pet adoption ctr. SPCA
Pharaoh's cross ANKH
Popular branch of yoga HATHA
Put on a coat? PAINT
Q-U connection RST
Rodin or Michelangelo SCULPTOR
Scale abbr. LBS
Significant period ERA
Simple to apply, in adspeak EASYON
Small-time RINKYDINK
Some Ga. Tech grads EES
Stage group CAST
Teamed, as oxen YOKED
Television watcher's choices CHANNELS
Touchy-__ FEELY
Vehicle's framework CHASSIS
Very quietly, to Beethoven PPP
Walked decisively STRODE
Warehouse gds. MDSE
Wham-O footbag HACKYSACK
Yuletide spiced ales WASSAILS
__-Seltzer ALKA
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