How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 30 2013

"... farm, __" EIEIO
"Beats me!" IDUNNO
"Believe you me!" ITSAFACT
"Bus Stop" playwright INGE
"Dust Tracks on __": Zora Neale Hurston autobiography AROAD
"Hurry!" CMON
"Let __!": "Move on!" ITGO
"My Cousin Vinny" Oscar winner TOMEI
"Peanuts" Halloween setting PUMPKINPATCH
"Personal Witness: Israel Through My Eyes" author EBAN
"Spanglish" actress Téa LEONI
"The Little Sparrow" PIAF
"Winter's Tales" author Dinesen ISAK
"__ Meenie": Kingston/Bieber song EENIE
11-part documentary with the episodes "Caves" and "Deserts" PLANETEARTH
1942 Cooper role GEHRIG
A former ace might be one PITCHINGCOACH
Abbr. on Manhattan mail NYNY
After-dinner drink PORT
Alley in comics OOP
Apple product IPOD
Aptly named novelist READE
Bank ad number CDRATE
Bass in a glass ALE
Berry touted as a superfood ACAI
Blast cause TNT
Bowler, for one HAT
Breadbasket bunch PATS
Britney's ex, in tabloids KFED
Capital west of Winnipeg REGINA
College hoops coach with 876 victories RUPP
Constitutional subj.? ANAT
Cricket players BATSMEN
Cross words TIRADES
Dance and such ARTS
Despondency GLOOM
Doddering SENILE
Dover delicacy SOLE
Downsizing event? DIET
E. African land ETH
Editing mark DELE
El Al home: Abbr ISR
Ethical complaint THATSUNFAIR
Everyone, in orchestral scores TUTTI
Exchange SWAP
Fancy pillowcase SHAM
Flea market transactions RESALES
Flexible Flyers, e.g SLEDS
Freaks out GOESNUTS
Free stuff COMPS
From now on ANYMORE
Fruity pastry PRUNEDANISH
Furnish EQUIP
Get takeout, say EAT
Goal AIM
Grafton's "__ for Malice" MIS
Grand __ Opry OLE
Grueling workplace SALTMINE
Happy outdoorsman? CAMPER
Hardly at all ATAD
High opening ACRO
Holders of buried treasures ORES
Hospitality WARMTH
Humidor item CIGAR
Hybrid language PIDGINENGLISH
Injured badly MAIMED
Inventor's monogram TAE
Iraqi port BASRA
Iron target ANEMIA
It can help you put on a coat PAINTBRUSH
It may be ear-to-ear GRIN
It may be glassy STARE
It often takes place in a bar JOKE
Italian fashion center MILAN
Jared of "Lonely Hearts" LETO
Joan of art MIRO
Kent State state OHIO
Landing strip TARMAC
Lead __: EPA concern INAIR
Less common RARER
Long lunches SUBS
Lopsided win ROMP
Motorcade wheels SEDANS
Noodlehead SCHMO
Note in a D major scale CSHARP
Noted Mayflower passenger ALDEN
Olympics city, e.g HOST
Org. in Clancy novels CIA
Org. with part of a prominent statue in its logo ACLU
Parts of goblets STEMS
Pay (up) ANTE
Personal ltrs INITS
Personal quirk TIC
Phone button sequence MNO
Places of worship ALTARS
Playground ride TRIKE
Power dept ENER
Quaint writer QUILL
Radio host John TESH
Rainier's locale MONACO
Reality TV matriarch Jenner KRIS
Really funny RICH
Recent "SNL" regular Bill HADER
Resort NE of Los Alamos TAOS
Schlep LUG
SeaWorld headliner SHAMU
Sixth-day creation ADAM
Skier's mecca ALPS
Soapbox delivery PUBLICSPEECH
Sound unit PHON
Spreading tree ELM
Supermodel with a Global Chic collection IMAN
Sussex streetcar TRAM
They may be used for emphasis CAPS
Tired LIMP
Tooth coating ENAMEL
Touchy subject SORESPOT
Track boundary RAIL
Tremendously ALOT
Trumpeter, e.g SWAN
Trusted adviser GURU
Turkish honorific AGA
Turn down DENY
Upscale TONY
Urgent acronym ASAP
Villagers below Mount Crumpit WHOS
Visiting the Getty Center, briefly INLA
Visits on a whim POPSIN
Weight room sound GRUNT
Wild way to run RIOT
Will Smith film series, briefly MIB
Will Smith's role in 60-Down AGENTJ
Words of lament AHME
Yamaha seat, perhaps PIANOBENCH
Year-span separator ENDASH
__ Balls: Hostess snack food SNO
__ Reader: eclectic magazine UTNE
__-pah band OOM
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