How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 26 2007

"Aeneid" city TROY
"Batman" director Burton TIM
"Now!" in hospitals STAT
"O, gie me the __ that has acres o' charms": Burns LASS
"Pow!" relative WHAM
"__ who?" SAYS
Absent-minded type, on the farm? WOOLGATHERER
Acquire wisdom, so it's said AGE
Act as a disincentive to DETER
Admonition to 20-, 32- and 42-Across PAYATTENTION
Adversary ENEMY
Alaska Peninsula native ALEUT
All gone SPENT
Bar aspirant's exam, briefly LSAT
Bench, for one SEAT
Black or Irish SEA
Buddhist discipline ZEN
Cartoon collectible CEL
Cheer (for) ROOT
Delete ERASE
Droops SAGS
Facetious tributes ROASTS
Fantasizer, when the sun's up? DAYDREAMER
Fresh NEW
Gainesville team member GATOR
Gave an address ORATED
Get pushy in a crowd JOSTLE
Greater N.Y.C. campus LIU
Hindu life lesson SUTRA
Impish fairy PIXIE
It's a wrap STOLE
Jiffy SEC
Lid hair LASH
Like Muhammad's followers ISLAMIC
Long distance units MILES
Lutz relative AXEL
Make airtight SEAL
Mendes of "Ghost Rider" EVA
Microsoft chairman GATES
Mil. mission RECON
Milkshake insert STRAW
Name associated with trees and skis ASPEN
Otherwise ELSE
Out-of-touch sort, among the stars? SPACECADET
Painter Chagall MARC
Palindromic address MADAM
Prefix with -pus OCTO
Race place ASCOT
Raw metal ORE
Refuse responsibility for DENY
Rips to shreds RENDS
Ruckus DIN
Scarlett's spread TARA
Seuss environmentalist LORAX
Share for the church TITHE
Sleep phase REM
Smart or 99, e.g. AGENT
Smooth-talking SUAVE
Standard on a hole PAR
State with confidence ASSERT
Steady flow STREAM
Taps the brake SLOWS
Tbsp. and tsp. AMTS
Tells what one feels LETSON
The ones not taken REJECTS
Tinkerer's initials DIY
To be, in Martinique ETRE
Units of headway DENTS
Utter nonsense ROT
Wight, for one ISLE
Witherspoon of "Legally Blonde" REESE
__ fry SMALL
__ pole TOTEM
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