How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 21 2016

"Dies __": hymn IRAE
"Golly!" BYGOSH
"How do you like them __?!" APPLES
"Let's say we're even" CALLITAWASH
"Oh my goodness!" DEARME
Actor Dane of "Grey's Anatomy" ERIC
Baltimore athlete ORIOLE
Barnes & Noble reader NOOK
Bitcoin, e.g ECASH
Bug repellent ingredient DEET
Bullwinkle, for one MOOSE
Car starter: Abbr IGN
Chin growths GOATEES
City name famously used by Peyton Manning when calling signals OMAHA
Confusion MIXUP
Cry miserably WAIL
Deadly African virus EBOLA
Does impressions of APES
Dot on the blue part of a map ISLE
Downpour that can hurt HAIL
Egyptian crosses ANKHS
Eins, zwei, __ DREI
Exude EMIT
Fido's foot PAW
Flower symbolizing freshness DAISY
Green Monster ballpark FENWAY
Handle it as well as one can COPE
Has a snack EATS
Hurricane response org FEMA
Ink color, to Shakespeare EBON
Internet hookups? EDATES
Intolerant sort BIGOT
It's all in your mind MENTALIMAGE
Lead the flock PREACH
Like EEE shoes WIDE
Like much barley soup BEEFY
Like some garage floors OILY
Line on a restaurant receipt TIP
Lowdown DOPE
Magazine revenue source ADFEE
Marriott competitor OMNI
Mauna __ LOA
Monopoly buys HOTELS
Navel type INNIE
Party freebies SWAG
Prefix with culture AGRI
Proactiv+ target ACNE
Produced, as crops YIELDED
Provide a fake 62-Across for, e.g ABET
Raise aloft HOIST
Rapidity HASTE
Ration (out) METE
Reagan's first secretary of state HAIG
Rolled to hold fries, as paper CONED
Sandwich initials BLT
Sci. class PHYS
Shakespearean villain IAGO
Slacks measure WAIST
Slice of pie PIECE
Some corporate jets LEARS
Sudden downturns, and a literal hint to this puzzle's circles TAILSPINS
Summarize RECAP
Surveillance device SPYCAM
Suspected perp's story ALIBI
Think tank nuggets IDEAS
Tractor trailers RIGS
Tuneful ARIOSE
Turkish money LIRA
UFO crew, supposedly ETS
Use a rotary phone DIAL
Vienna's land: Abbr AUS
Website with movie trivia IMDB
What undercover cops may wear WIRES
Window shelves SILLS
WWII German torpedo craft EBOAT
Years on end EONS
__ rug: small carpet AREA
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