How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 16 2010

"An Essay on Man" poet Alexander POPE
"Good shot!" NICEONE
"Good" cholesterol, for short HDL
"The Clan of the Cave Bear" author AUEL
"You __ bother" NEEDNT
Anthony Hopkins, for one SIR
Beer holders CANS
Ben Cartwright's middle son HOSS
Big name in lawn care ORTHO
Blunderer's cry DOH
Corrective tool ERASER
Dudes HES
Elbow patch material LEATHER
Exile isle ELBA
Farther out? ODDER
Feedbag morsel OAT
Final conclusion? IST
First female Speaker of the House PELOSI
Flash in the brainpan IDEA
Glass in a frame PANE
Goes nuts SNAPS
Haggard of country music MERLE
Hard to reach at the office, say INANDOUT
Hold forth OPINE
Hoo-ha ADO
Horned goddess ISIS
Huaraches, e.g. SANDALS
Insect stage after larva PUPA
Intonations from the monastery locker room? CHANTSOFSHOWERS
Inuit, once ESKIMO
Islamic decree FATWA
Jerry or Jerry Lee LEWIS
Legal aides PARAS
Like a Jackson Pollock painting ABSTRACT
Like some ancient characters RUNIC
Like some highways TWOLANE
Lit. compilation ANTH
Loch legend nickname NESSIE
Luther opponent Johann __ ECK
Motion support SECOND
Motivation target, often SELF
Narrow inlets RIAS
Not in motion ATREST
Notable periods ERAS
O'Neill's "The Hairy __" APE
Obvious melody? AIRAPPARENT
Omar of "House" EPPS
Overhaul REVAMP
Plato's promenade STOA
Ran out LEFT
Ran out ENDED
Rational SANE
Reb's opponent YANK
Reebok rival ADIDAS
Relaxing retreat SPA
Right-hand page RECTO
Roxy Music alum Brian ENO
Run off to join a union? ELOPE
Site of a Biblical plot EDEN
Soap brand with pumice LAVA
Songs by German wolves? LIEDEROFTHEPACK
Stubborn one ASS
Temporary use fee RENT
Texas border city DELRIO
Texas oil city ODESSA
Threat words ORELSE
Tokyo, before 1868 EDO
Totally drained EMPTY
Tread roughly TRAMPLE
Vel attachment? CRO
Wooden in manner STILTED
Words of agreement IAMTOO
__ effort EFOR
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