How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 13 2011

"Car Talk" airer NPR
"Famous" cookie creator AMOS
"I need a hug" HOLDME
"I, Robot" author ISAACASIMOV
"Joy of Cooking" writer Rombauer IRMA
"Misery" co-star JAMESCAAN
"Not another word!" ZIPIT
"The Lord of the Rings" monster ORC
Alternative to leaving a test question blank GUESS
Animal like new? GNU
Bedtime garb PAJAMAS
Big brand in barbecues WEBER
Binary code digit ONE
Blacken on the grill SEAR
Blue state? FUNK
Books of maps ATLASES
Cacophonous, as a crowd AROAR
Candle threads WICKS
Cause of chills and fever FLU
Cheese companion MACARONI
Clam-digging area SHORE
Commercial prefix with Cone or Ball SNO
Common batteries, and a feature of 17-, 21-, 36- and 55-Across DOUBLEAS
Curvy ski race SLALOM
Dab at with a towel, as a spill BLOT
Fanatic's feeling ZEAL
Floated upward ROSE
Friends-countrymen link ROMANS
Front of a clock FACE
Frying pan spray PAM
Full of chutzpah BRASH
Golden years OLDAGE
Gore and Hirt ALS
Hoofer, so to speak TAPDANCER
Japanese honorific SAN
Johnny Carson's predecessor JACKPAAR
Justice Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Key with three sharps: Abbr. AMAJ
Kraft cheese spread VELVEETA
LAX approximation ETA
Lists of computer options MENUS
Major mess SNAFU
Masonry finish applied when wet STUCCO
Mex. neighbor USA
NATO part: Abbr. ATL
Nip and tuck contest CLOSEGAME
Nutrient guidelines, briefly RDAS
Pasty WAN
Pat of "The Karate Kid" MORITA
Pick up the pace HASTEN
Player on stage ACTOR
Polished part of a piggy? TOENAIL
Pong producer ATARI
Prefix with -pus OCTO
Prohibition __ ERA
Pulled in different directions TORN
Rodeo gear ROPE
Rodeo gear RIATAS
Roget entry: Abbr. SYN
Santa __: city SE of Los Angeles ANA
Singer Kristofferson KRIS
Skin-soothing powder TALC
Spanish 25-Across UNO
Steak selection TBONE
Stooge with a bowl haircut MOE
Tab at a bar BILL
Turn like a chair SWIVEL
TV's "Grey's __" ANATOMY
Vaulted recess APSE
Vice president involved in a historic duel AARONBURR
Windsor knot neckwear TIE
Worry persistently BROOD
Zhivago's beloved LARA
__ Tin Tin RIN
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