How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 09 2013

"Cut out the racket!" SHUSH
"First Blood" hero RAMBO
"La Boheme" heroine MIMI
"The Divided Self" author R.D LAING
"Thick & Fluffy" breakfast brand EGGO
"What __ God wrought?" HATH
1-Down relative NEAP
18-Down reaction OOH
A pricey one may be made of koa wood UKULELE
Aphorisms TRUTHS
Bacteria in grapelike clusters STAPH
Big oil source GUSHER
Blanket expression? IVEGOTYOUCOVERED
Brief application DAB
British magazine founded in 1709 TATLER
Broken mirror, for some BADOMEN
Brutus accomplice CASCA
Can opener POPTAB
Chewy confection NOUGAT
China supporter SHELF
Classic British two-seaters MGS
Coastal recession EBBTIDE
Coat-of-arms science HERALDRY
Coeur d'__ ALENE
Come to terms AGREE
Comfy (with) ATHOME
Common church name STMARYS
Computer image formats BITMAPS
Confessional music genre EMO
Cooperstown's Lake OTSEGO
Crave, with "for" STARVE
Dancer's restraint REIN
Dash letters RPM
Dossier letters AKA
Double-parker who gives out tickets VALET
Dubai or Sharjah EMIRATE
Ecuadoran province once famous for its gold ELORO
Eggs from the sea ROE
Equidistant ASFAR
First name in spydom MATA
First step in a progression ATOB
First word of Dante's "Inferno" NEL
Fluoride beneficiary ENAMEL
Fluoride-in-water meas PPM
Forty-__ NINER
Foundry waste SLAG
Gender-specific pronoun SHE
Genetic building blocks RNA
Govt. agents TMEN
Great Plains language family SIOUAN
He edged TED in 1948 HST
He said "I die," and then did ROMEO
Head honcho MRBIG
Head honcho BOSS
Hook's mate SMEE
Houston player ASTRO
Interjections of indecision ERS
It's in Off! DEET
It's planted in the snow SKIPOLE
Italian noble family ESTE
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kitty's bit ORT
La Méditerranée, e.g MER
Latin goddess DEA
Like many shoppes OLDE
Luau garland LEI
Michaels and Franken ALS
Mil. support gp USO
Miss Piggy's pronoun MOI
Mission statement? REMEMBERTHEALAMO
Mortise mate TENON
Mouthy minor BRAT
New Hampshire city NASHUA
News item REPORT
Not the best plan for becoming a millionaire LOTTO
Note taker using symbols STENO
Often-allergic condition ASTHMA
Old comm. giant ITT
Old Flatbush field EBBETS
On the bias ASKEW
One rushing into a relationship? ELOPER
One way to make up for lost time RUSH
One who sits for SATs TESTEE
One-person craft KAYAKS
Opening bout, briefly PRELIM
Orch. section STR
Org. with an Arrow of Light award BSA
Partner of 'earth? OME
Pea jacket relative REEFER
Performed an entrechat LEAPT
Peterhof Palace resident TSAR
Pinocchio's peccadillo LIE
Pizazz OOMPH
Play the jester AMUSE
Plural maker ESS
Preceders of las TRAS
Protestant denom EPISC
Queen Amidala's "Star Wars" home NABOO
Reaction to a 118-Down EEK
Record tracks GROOVES
Remain beyond, as one's welcome OUTSTAY
Rueful SORRY
School collars ETONS
Schoolyard threat ILLTELL
Seals that avoid water? GASKETS
See 119-Down RAT
Sidewalk sides CURBS
Sierra Nevada resort TAHOE
Slop slurper HOG
Smallest of the roaring cats LEOPARDS
Stylish eatery CAFE
Suggest, as a price ASK
Sun City developer Webb DEL
Suspended HALTED
Symbolic yet insubstantial TOKEN
Take __ view of ADIM
Tulsa sch OSU
Unfolds, in verse OPES
Verging on NEAR
Vermont ski resort OKEMO
Waiter's question ending AMENU
Waterside stopover BOTEL
Where most states have their own page ATLAS
White House nickname DUBYA
Winding way, maybe DETOUR
Winding way, maybe ROAD
Winnie's title? THEPOOH
With "The," L.A. theater at which Neil Diamond recorded "Hot August Night" GREEK
Wonder AWE
You can build a 5,922-piece Taj Mahal replica with the largest one ever made LEGOSET
__ Na Na SHA
__ out: thoroughly INSIDE
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