How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 09 2006

"Go right ahead!" PLEASEDO
"I'd do the same today" NOREGRETS
"Return of the Jedi" dancing girl OOLA
'60s Dallas gridder TEXAN
1970 economics Nobelist SAMUELSON
Actor Milo OSHEA
Big name in vaccines SALK
Blubber FAT
Borders order ID ISBN
Bossa nova cousin SAMBA
Bridge accessory SCOREPAD
Camagüey's country CUBA
Carter's coll. USNA
Catch GET
Charmingly pastoral IDYLLIC
Chopped down HEWN
Classic '60s Pontiacs GTOS
Cleansing ceremony MAUNDY
Coll. hopefuls SRS
Deplete USEUP
Earthling HUMAN
Egyptian boxer? LEONSPHINX
Egyptian exam overseer? CAIROPROCTOR
Egyptian museum curator's memoir? MUMMYDEAREST
Glowers on the barbecue COALS
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Green shade NILE
Gut course EASYA
H.S. hurdles SATS
Hershey's competitor BOSCO
His resignation triggered the first use of the 25th Amendment AGNEW
Kitzbühel attraction SKIING
Lake Michigan city GARY
Language group that includes Zulu BANTU
Line made with a needle SEAM
Marseilles Mrs. MME
Master's pursuit, perhaps: Abbr. PHD
Nitwit ASS
Noted holiday pie eater HORNER
Org. in a 1955 merger CIO
Overseas union unit EURO
Peacock Throne occupant SHAH
Pugilists' gp. WBA
Really enjoy something, with "up" EATIT
Requirement NEED
Retained KEPT
Russian fighter MIG
Savoir-__ FAIRE
Semanticist's concern USAGE
Series featuring agent Sydney Bristow ALIAS
Seriously TOHEART
Sighed line ALAS
Slacker IDLER
Smack HIT
Small stream RUNNEL
Soothing succulent ALOE
Southwestern native UTE
Square figure AREA
Stampede group, maybe HERD
Start of a stroll down memory lane IREMEMBER
Successor to the game Ruff and Honours WHIST
Summer quaff ADE
T designation LGE
Talk, in a way SING
They may involve balloons LOANS
Troll's cousin OGRE
Turow work set at Harvard ONEL
Twisted BENT
Twisty-horned antelope KUDU
Tyrannical Egyptian actress? MIAPHARAOH
Wall St. institution NYSE
Whom Vieira will replace COURIC
Wine list heading REDS
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