How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 08 2008

"It's him __" ORME
"Lord, is __?": Matthew ITI
"Well, sor-RY!" SOSUEME
"Whether __ nobler in the mind ...": Hamlet TIS
"__ Enchanted": 2004 fantasy ELLA
'70s "scene" parts DISCOS
1936 Olympics champ OWENS
1969 teammate of Seaver and Swoboda AGEE
8, often: Abbr. AUG
Actor Voight JON
Agitate RILE
American composer's transport? GERSHWINBIKE
ATM maker NCR
Author Rand AYN
Auto pioneer OLDS
Average MEAN
Awaken ROUSE
Bakery selections RYES
Baroque composer's double? PACHELBELRINGER
Baroque dance MINUET
Beer, sometimes CHASER
Bistro, informally NITERY
Blue SAD
Bombards with junk SPAMS
Booted, say SHOD
Buddy Chat co. AOL
Building reinforcements IBARS
Buster NARC
Butcher's cuts TBONES
Cap'n's underling BOSN
Carbolic acid PHENOL
Christian name DIOR
Cigarette filter targets TARS
Convention flouters BOHEMIANS
Crammer's tablet NODOZ
Creamy spread BRIE
Current pioneer TESLA
Deed ACT
Defraud FLEECE
Degas subject BATHER
Dickens's Uriah HEEP
Duct opening? OVI
Earthy pigment UMBER
Eatery seen in the film "Manhattan" ELAINES
Eco-friendly applicator ROLLON
EPA readout AQI
Eyeball, maybe ASSESS
Family that includes the skunk cabbage ARUM
Fender damage DENT
Fizzles out DIES
Flock leader PRIEST
Floor or bed site OCEAN
Freetown currency LEONE
Genesis traveler ARK
German composer's ardent fan? MENDELSSOHNWORSHIPPER
Good day?: Abbr. FRI
Gounod opera FAUST
Grammy winner Redding OTIS
Half a Biblical retribution ANEYE
Ham sticker CLOVE
Handyman's garb COVERALLS
Help from a French composer? SATIESERVICE
High pts. MTNS
High-tech time meas. MSEC
Hit-or-miss RANDOM
Horned goddess ISIS
Hungarian composer's holiday serving? BARTOKTURKEY
Immobilizing weapon STUNGUN
It's often under a caret SIX
Italian composer's reflex? PAGANINIJERK
Kennel sound BAY
Knockoff FAKE
Les États-__ UNIS
Less affected by blowing ALEE
Licorice-flavored brew ANISETEA
Like some pkgs. PPD
Lola's club COPA
London broil cut FLANK
Long way (from) FARCRY
Malay Peninsula's Isthmus of __ KRA
Mercury, for one AUTO
Mid-Mohs scale mineral OPAL
Name from the Latin for "I trust" FIDO
NBC hit since '75 SNL
Neet rival NAIR
New Deal inits. FDR
Nuclear agcy. till 1975 AEC
Old jet set jets SSTS
Old locomotive sounds WHEEZES
One barely running? STREAKER
Pay-mind link ITNO
Pay__: eBay subsidiary PAL
Perrins's Worcestershire sauce partner LEA
Piglet pal EEYORE
Piquant TART
Player managed by Earl Weaver ORIOLE
Poetry and painting ARTFORMS
Prayer group? SECT
Predetermined thing, so they say FATE
President pro __ TEM
Pretty pitcher EWER
Pub pint ALE
Rash of a kind HIVES
Recuperate RESTUP
Red ink amount LOSS
Ride from a Russian composer? TCHAIKOVSKYLIFT
Rocky salutes YOS
Rolodex no. TEL
Rum cocktail MAITAI
Ryan's magnificent seven NOHITTERS
Salem-to-Reno dir. SSE
Salon tools NAILFILES
Shooting marble TAW
Some MIT grads EES
Spicy stew RAGOUT
Spoken ORAL
Sponsor's purchases AIRTIMES
Stable staple HAY
Straight up ERECT
Student's choice ELECTIVE
Subleased RELET
Tabloid topics UFOS
Take illegally SKIM
Talk a blue streak? CUSS
Tee for Zorba? TAU
Textile worker DYER
The Euphrates runs through it NEAREAST
They follow quarters SEMIS
They may be in fields or on pads MICE
They're secretive GLANDS
Top choices ALISTS
UCLA athlete BRUIN
Web info pages FAQS
What rebels rock BOAT
When repeated, a fish MAHI
Wine: Pref. OEN
__ Tower, L.A. landmark USBANK
__-Fast: dieting product line SLIM
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