How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 07 2009

"Intervention" airer AANDE
"Leaving Las Vegas" costar SHUE
"Let me think about that" HMM
"Lordy!" OHGOD
"O Rare Ben Johnson" is engraved (in error) on one STELE
"Okay if __ myself out?" ILET
"Same Time, Next Year" actor ALDA
"Strange Magic" gp. ELO
"The Prodigal Son" and others PARABLES
14-Down flowers ORCHIDS
1931 Garbo role MATAHARI
1960 Wimbledon champ Fraser NEALE
1972 Derby winner __ Ridge RIVA
About to land in northern Ohio? OVERCLEVELAND
Actress Swank HILARY
Alts. HGTS
Angry gorillas? APESOFWRATH
Antitoxins SERA
Aristocratic Machu Picchu women? ANDESDAMES
Astronaut's garb GSUIT
Badgers, in "Jabberwocky" TOVES
Begets SIRES
Believes BUYS
Binding words IDO
Brother in a hood? FRIAR
Burn soothers ALOES
Burns severely SCALDS
Camping pest GNAT
Certifies ATTESTS
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir. ENE
Cherry variety BING
Church challengers HERETICS
Commits an act of betrayal, maybe RENEGES
Concerns of the god Janus DOORS
Cut a sandwich, say HALVE
Defoe title surname CRUSOE
Dentist's number? OPIATE
Desert mount CAMEL
Detachable collars ETONS
Disco era phrase AGOGO
Douglas Aircraft jets used in Nam FTENS
E-mailed a dupe to CCED
Eternities EONS
Facetious suggestion to public kissers GETAROOM
Fall preceder PRIDE
Family elders, familiarly GRANNIES
Follow ENSUE
For some time AWHILE
Forest bounders DEER
Fraction of a joule ERG
Game revenue GATE
Garson of "Mrs. Miniver" GREER
Get even for AVENGE
Gift for a big date CORSAGE
Give a charge to IONIZE
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
In addition ASWELL
Incredible hole-in-one? AMAZINGACE
Iowa college town AMES
Iridescent stone OPAL
It precedes Blue Jays' home games OCANADA
Kitchen gadget CORER
Lap dog, for short POM
Layers PLIES
Lens holders RIMS
Like the simplest process ONESTEP
Lists of candidates SLATES
Little hooter OWLET
Little queen in the library? RESEARCHANT
Luxurious getaway SPA
Mad-wet hen link ASA
Maker of Infiniti hairstyling irons CONAIR
Malaysian ape ORANG
Match __: tie game, in Bordeaux NUL
Materialized AROSE
Matter of law RES
More to the point TERSER
Mortarboard hanger TASSEL
Most shabby SEEDIEST
Mozart's "__ Alla Turca" RONDO
Navel phenomenon INNIE
Not pay, as taxes EVADE
Nothing but __: perfect hoops shot NET
Old rotorcraft, for short GIRO
Out of control, maybe MANIC
Part of Q.E.D. ERAT
Pat of "The Karate Kid" MORITA
Pay dirt ORE
PB&J cousin BLT
Photographer's buy TRIPOD
Pie nuts PECANS
Piece keepers? HOLSTERS
Prosecutorial staff member: Abbr. ASSTDA
Protection for a bank job SKIMASK
Qom inhabitant IRANIAN
Raptor's victim PREY
Reagan Secretary of State HAIG
Rhine siren LORELEI
Rice-__ ARONI
Ring floorings? KOS
Savvy sailor OLDSALT
Seattle's 206, e.g. AREACODE
Shoe retailer McAn THOM
Show contrition REPENT
Smooth style FLAIR
Sniggler's quest EEL
Softened by love MELTED
Some NFL linemen RGS
Songwriters Bob and Jakob DYLANS
South African liberator MANDELA
Spacemate of Michael and Buzz NEIL
Spots ADS
Stale OLD
Starry-eyed type DREAMER
Technical sch. INST
They're found under long hair NAPES
Thing to go through PHASE
Throne letters HRH
Tilted position CANT
Time between mediodía y seis TARDE
Traditional ghost stories? EEKMYTHOLOGY
Tucson is its county seat PIMA
Twist, as floorboards WARP
Unlike this ans. ACR
USN rank CPO
Weaken, as confidence ERODE
Well-ventilated AIRY
Whig opponents TORIES
Word in a proof ERGO
WWII intelligence oversights? OSSNEGLIGENCE
__ in November NAS
__ mater ALMA
__-wip REDDI
__Kosh B'Gosh OSH
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