How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 06 2010

"Assuming that ..." IFSO
"Be __ ..." ADEAR
"Bummer" SOSAD
"Gigi" author COLETTE
"Good" cholesterol, briefly HDL
"Love Story" author Segal ERICH
"Me, __ & Irene": 2000 film MYSELF
"Take __ face value" ITAT
"The Mask of Zorro" heroine ELENA
"Unbelievable" band EMF
"You're making __ mistake!" ABIG
"__ fan tutte" COSI
''Nausea'' novelist SARTRE
'60s activist Bobby SEALE
1962 Paul Petersen hit MYDAD
6 on a handset MNO
Acknowledge a passerby SAYHI
Actor Epps OMAR
Animated bug film ANTZ
Annoyingly small MEASLY
Arrow groove NOCK
Award for Tina Fey EMMY
Bad place to be stuck RUT
Basic center? ESS
Basketmaking branch OSIER
Bluesman Redding OTIS
Bridal page word NEE
Buckeyes' sch. OSU
Bullish start? TAURO
Cagney's "Yankee Doodle Dandy" role COHAN
Cajun staple OKRA
California's Big __ SUR
Cassis cocktail KIR
Checkup responses AHS
Clobber DRUB
Cold relief caplet CONTAC
Coming-out parties DEBS
Computer since 1998 IMAC
Corn that may or may not be eaten? EARINTHEBALANCE
Coventry carriage PRAM
Cyberseller's site EBAY
D.C.'s Union, e.g. STN
Defy a parent? CROSSONESPA
Director Ephron NORA
Disney lioness NALA
Display a casual shirt? SHOWONESTEE
Diva Anna MOFFO
Ethiopian messiah SELASSIE
Exiled South Vietnamese president THIEU
Family support group ALANON
Fends off AVERTS
Floral perfume ATTAR
Former Mideast org. UAR
Funny DVD feature OUTTAKE
Giraffe cousins OKAPIS
GM line until 2004 OLDS
Go from green to red, often RIPEN
Go __ a tangent OFFON
Got a little hoarse at the race, maybe ROOTED
Healing sign SCAB
Hi-__ graphics RES
Horse and buggy __ ERA
Islamic spirit JINN
Island off Tuscany ELBA
Israeli arms UZIS
Jay's home NEST
Jazz giant, familiarly ELLA
Joe Louis, e.g. ARENA
Kal Kan rival ALPO
Keen enjoyment GUSTO
Lacking clarity HAZY
Lago filler AGUA
Legal precedent TESTCASE
Lei wearer's strings UKE
Like some champagne glasses FLUTED
Like some feed OATY
Like the lama, but not the llama, in a Nash poem ONEL
Log opening EPI
Mallorca, for one ISLA
Mama bear: Span. OSA
Mariner or Mountaineer, briefly MERC
Microscope parts LENSES
Moo goo __ pan GAI
Moon over Milano LUNA
More erudite WISER
Mr. __!: old detective game REE
Net income earner? ETAILER
Newspaper name GAZETTE
Nonclerical LAIC
OED entries WDS
One of the Ramones DEEDEE
One starting out NEOPHYTE
One who sings during meals? MUSICALEATER
One-named Greek singer YANNI
Opal finish? ESCE
Picnic pitcherful ICETEA
Prepare pupils for an exam? DILATE
Pull one's leg TEASE
Radical campus gp. SDS
React to a shot, say WINCE
Reaction to a New Year's Day birth? JANUARYAW
Reason for a burglar to take aspirin? ROBBINGHEADACHE
Rid, as of false ideas DISABUSE
Run-down area SLUM
Sailor with "muskles" POPEYE
Salamander coverage? EFTINSURANCE
Scarfed down ATE
Screen picture ICON
Seaside bird ERN
Seat belt, e.g. STRAP
Shakespeare contemporary KYD
Soccer ball brand VOIT
Soft shoes MOCS
Some Deco works ERTES
Some Fr. martyrs STES
Some Hawthorne works GOTHICS
Start of an adage about economy WASTENOT
Still product: Abbr. ALC
Swiss river AAR
Take place OCCUR
Texter's "Lordy!" OMG
Textile machine LOOM
Their service is impeccable ACERS
They botch jobs BUNGLERS
Tiny parasites LICE
Treasure hoard TROVE
Trip acquisition SOUVENIR
Usually green flower part SEPAL
Versatile block LEGO
Victoria's Secret spec BCUP
Water__: dental gadget PIK
Weather-resistant wood TEAK
What Forum addresses were in LATIN
Where there are too many fish, as per a 1964 hit INTHESEA
Where to buy "Splitting Up For Dummies"? RIFTSTORE
With hands on hips AKIMBO
You might wear it out COAT
__ a fox SLYAS
__ belt BLACK
__ Park, Colorado ESTES
__ to one's neck INUP
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