How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 01 2018

"Beetle Bailey" hound otto
"Better Call __" saul
"Don't mess with me" imbad
"Fallen woman," in a Verdi title traviata
"__ Ben Adhem" abou
*Bumper repair site shop
*Circadian rhythm clock
*Coveted journalism award pea
*Hypothetical object that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation black
*Nonverbal communication language
*Snoop busy
*Star or nebula heavenly
*Tattoos art
Abrades painfully rubsraw
Anatomical pouch sac
AuctionWeb, since 1997 ebay
Awful nasty
Bar ban
Bearded bovine bison
Bind truss
Brazilian hero pele
Bug irk
Bug bite soother aloe
Caboose rear
Café eatery
Chihuahua chow taco
Clouseau's rank: Abbr insp
Court woo
Cry after a holdup stophim
Deepest, as feelings inmost
Dominica native carib
Dose people? dem
Dye holder vat
Ecologically challenged Asian sea aral
Elite prep school eton
Ewe's output lamb
Eye-rolling word puhlease
Face meet
Feathered mimic myna
First course in German? suppe
Flay's flipper spatula
Foxy sly
French bread euro
Furious irate
Game that may involve bumpers pool
Generous, as a contract fat
Hillary's peak everest
Ingrid, in "Casablanca" ilsa
Jack and Jill's Waterloo? hill
Jake __, first Congressman to fly in space garn
Little bit drib
Mama with two Papas cass
Mend heal
Neighborhoods locales
Nonpro sports org aau
One 60-trillionth of a min psec
Op-ed takes views
Outdoor gear giant rei
Ovine output baabaa
Pen with oink, not ink sty
Penne __ vodka alla
Ploy ruse
Pop's Perry katy
Pressure prefix acu
Realm area
See 27-Across bodysnatchers
Sign of summer leo
Spread sow
Star followers magi
Take advantage of a day off, maybe sleepin
Tell's apple support son
Text alert, often tone
Thailand, once siam
The SEC's Tigers lsu
They churn out dough atms
Watch a neighbor's pooch, say petsit
What a crossword is often constructed on spec
With 44-Across, classic 1956 film ... and why the answers to starred clues aren't quite themselves? invasionofthe
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