How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 01 2014

"Just like that!" sound SNAP
"Please hold" equivalent HANGON
"Rigoletto" composer VERDI
"__ Ben Jonson": literary epitaph ORARE
1954 Emmy winner for Best Female Star of a Regular Series EVEARDEN
1966 A.L. Fireman of the Year Jack AKER
2000 Gere title role DRT
Active campus gp. during the Vietnam War SDS
Actress Rowlands GENA
Amber, for one RESIN
Ancient greeting? WAVEBACKWHEN
Ancient mountain crossing, say TREK
Asia's __ Darya river AMU
Bag on the back RUCKSACK
Baseball commissioner before Ueberroth KUHN
Bassoon kin OBOE
Became harder to bear WORETHIN
Blockhead LUNK
Breakfast food EGG
Buy for, as dinner TREATTO
Cal. sequence MTWTF
Capital SW of Muscat SANAA
Checking aid REIN
Chickadee cousin TIT
Computer maintenance tool? DRIVECLEANER
Contest that's over in seconds DRAGRACE
Continental boot? ITALY
Cornhusker's st NEB
Crack up during a jackknife? DIVELAUGHING
Credit report item DEBT
Curve BEND
Dated SEEN
Deli specialty KNISH
Dictionary note subject USAGE
Discovery FIND
Doglike scavenger HYENA
DOJ enforcer ATF
Domingo, e.g TENOR
Domingo, e.g DIA
Dressy accessories TIECLIPS
Eastern faith SHINTO
Eighth Avenue subway in New York ATRAIN
Element #18 ARGON
Enviable mark APLUS
Event to be played in Pinehurst, N.C., in 2014 USOPEN
Exactly, with "to" ATEE
Fashionable fold CUFF
Faux pas SLIP
Gertrude Stein confidante Alice B. __ TOKLAS
Glacial lake TARN
Gooey stuff GLOP
Got on FARED
Hems, say SEWS
High school suffix IOR
Hoop site LOBE
Hosp. staffer LPN
Jazzy James ETTA
Jewish folklore creature GOLEM
Kilmer of "Top Gun" VAL
Kind of round OVAL
Kit __: candy bar KAT
Largest Bay Area county SONOMA
Leader after Mao DENG
Legendary rescue boat ARK
Letter-shaped fastener TNUT
Like old Paris streets GASLIT
List of candidates SLATE
Little sucker? VAC
Log shaper ADZ
Mail-order purchase enclosure, often CATALOG
Make statues of leading reps? CARVESALESMEN
Many newspaper ads INSERTS
Meet with the old gang REUNE
Murmured from a cote COOED
Nearing the hour TENTO
Newspaper ad meas SQIN
North Carolina school ELON
Not usually an opportunity for advancement MCJOB
Old porticos STOAS
One pulling in pushers NARC
Oregon State city CORVALLIS
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Pac-12 team UTAHUTES
Pale wine BLUSH
Paris possessive ATOI
Part of KJV: Abbr VER
PC time meas MSEC
Pepper's title: Abbr SGT
Personnel office array PENS
Plumbing problem DRIP
Poppycock BLATHER
Prepare to shoot at ZEROINON
Racing safety vehicle PACECAR
Rajah's spouse RANI
Reagan biographer Peggy NOONAN
Really cheap FORASONG
Revered one ICON
River islet AIT
Rocky in a serious mood? GRAVESQUIRREL
Rules, briefly REGS
See 111-Down RATA
Senseless LOONY
Serious surprise JOLT
Showy flowers PHLOX
Sighed line OHWELL
Similar: Pref HOMEO
Singer McEntire REBA
Sloppy stack HEAP
Small-runway aircraft acronym STOL
Social worker's backlog CASELOAD
Span. lass SRTA
Stake for Keats?: Abbr ANAG
Stocking mishaps SNAGS
Story opener PARTI
Strip of gear, as a ship UNRIG
Substance in the sea's H2O NACL
System used in home decor FENGSHUI
Temperature units KELVINS
They aren't major players COGS
They're grabbed on corners CABS
Throw out all your stuff? SAVENOTHING
Tourists' rentals MOPEDS
Traveler's nightmare due to a road crew strike? PAVEASYOUGO
Trepidation FEAR
Turkish general AGHA
Two-masted vessel BRIG
Unacceptable NOTOK
Villain Luthor LEX
Wait on a knight? SERVEGALAHAD
Walkout walk-in SCAB
Wallace of "E.T." DEE
Wee hr ONEAM
Where keyboard users can get tips PIANOBAR
Wine seller SHOP
With 116-Down, shared equitably PRO
Would like from ASKOF
Year McKinley was reelected MCM
__ Park: Queens area REGO
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