How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jul 31 2018

"Letters From __ Jima": 2006 film iwo
*Form a queue lineup
*Glazed morning snack doughnut
*Insect used in genetic research fruitfly
*LeBron's sport basketball
18-Across holder ark
Art style seen in Miami's South Beach deco
Beat a hasty retreat lam
Behind us past
Bit of sunlight ray
Blender selection speed
Boater or bowler hat
Branch of mechanics concerned with forces in equilibrium statics
Cereal mix muesli
Chinese chairman mao
Didn't stay left
Diner grub eats
Diva's delivery aria
Divinity sch. degree thd
Eclipse shadow umbra
Expenditure outlay
Explosive for Wile E. Coyote tnt
Fashion's de la Renta oscar
Flat on one's back supine
Fracas melee
Friendly horn sounds toots
Frying liquid oil
Hammer head peen
Hither partner yon
Hole-making tool awl
Horn of Africa native somali
Immortality eternallife
In poor taste tacky
Italian salami city genoa
Lead actress star
Lewd material smut
Like big wedding cakes tiered
Loving adoring
Many Yemenis arabs
Mausoleum tomb
Mid-month date ides
Mouth-puckering sour
Muslim veil hijab
NASDAQ locale wallst
Network with its HQ in Ottawa cbc
NYC gallery district soho
Obeys heeds
Of a battery terminal anodal
On __ of: for behalf
Once-a-year flower annual
Paella morsel clam
Pakistani language urdu
Part of town, in slang nabe
Pathetically tiny, as a sum of money measly
Physicist's particle ion
Pickle container jar
Pine dropping needle
Play a part act
Plural medical suffix oses
Primary source of income ... and words that can precede the two parts, respectively, of the answers to starred clues breadandbutter
Put up with abide
Quarter of a bushel peck
Self-__: personally mindful aware
Senate position seat
Small ocean landmass isle
Springsteen's "Born in the __" usa
Squabble spat
State school near L.A ucsb
Street road
Synagogue scroll torah
Teen anti-DWI gp sadd
Three-pronged Greek letters psis
Tick-borne illness named for a Connecticut town lymedisease
Tissue layer ply
Title of respect sir
Tourney ranking seed
Trade show expo
Wandered (about) gadded
Watch chain fob
Watery expanse sea
Wheel connection axle
Word before fry or potatoes small
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