How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jul 17 2005

"... __ quit!" ORI
"Compromising Positions" author Susan ISAACS
"Give it __!" AREST
"I, Claudius" star JACOBI
"Norma Rae" director RITT
"Tell a joke!" AMUSEME
"That feels good!" AAH
"That's __ funny!" NOT
"What am __ think?" ITO
"__ we all?" ARENT
2000 election debacle? CHADNAUSEAM
A Clinton DEWITT
ABA members ATTS
Accountant's entry ACCRUAL
Actor Morales ESAI
Advice from a fellow diet shirker? CHEATHEARTY
Aerosol for a seat? CHAIRFRESHENER
Analyze ASSAY
Arthurian isle AVALON
Associate of Larry and Curly MOE
Assumes, as a role ENDUES
Athletes JOCKS
Atlas rocket stage AGENA
Auto club offering ROADMAP
Bambi's aunt ENA
Beige shade ECRU
Biblical high point ARARAT
Bikini blast, briefly NTEST
Bit of drum drama ROLL
Bonneville Flats locale UTAH
Bottom point NADIR
Brooklyn ending ITE
Bulk buys CASES
Bus alternative CAB
Came up AROSE
Cassowary kin EMU
Cherished cigar CUBAN
Chow fixer VET
Clip-__: ties ONS
Coll. dorm figures RAS
College speaker LECTOR
Compact __ DISC
Conceit EGO
Concerning ASTO
Conductor Zubin MEHTA
Cool cat's "Understood" IMHIP
Corn covers HUSKS
Dance derived from the twist FRUG
Defunct airline EASTERN
Develop EMERGE
Do a meteorologist's job, say PREDICT
Do-it-yourselfer's aid KIT
Don of "Cocoon" AMECHE
Each PER
Ear features CANALS
Early king of Judea HEROD
Early spring scoldings? CHIDESOFMARCH
Earth tones OCHRES
El __ CID
End of the road, perhaps LASTEXIT
Equally divided INHALF
Exec's perk CAR
Eye inflammations STYES
Finished first WON
First family's address? EDEN
First name in design YVES
Fit to be tied INARAGE
Golf tournament kickoff, often PROAM
Had a row OARED
Harper who played Rhoda VALERIE
Heart suffix CARDIA
Heist without a hitch? CHARMEDROBBERY
Herding dog COLLIE
Heroic Schindler OSKAR
Hilltop home asset SCENERY
Home buyer's request LOAN
How some losses appear INRED
It's read in pounds SCALE
Joe, to Ida Morgenstern SONINLAW
Litter, sometimes KITTENS
Look for prints DUST
Made use of DREWON
Marques of the Harlem Globetrotters HAYNES
Mdse. GDS
Memorable Miltie BERLE
Most optimistic ROSIEST
Noisy sleepers SNORERS
Not e'en once NEER
Nothing, to Nicole RIEN
Novelist Joyce Carol __ OATES
On the loose ATLARGE
One receiving womb service? FETUS
Part of CBS: Abbr. SYS
Part of H.M.S. HIS
PC connections CRTS
Pestle, e.g. CRUSHER
Plantation homes MANORS
Poetic time EEN
Private place, metaphorically CLOSET
QB's stats TDS
Queue after Q RST
Rehab symptoms, perhaps DTS
Restrict CRAMP
Scottish town BURGH
Skydiver's need CHUTE
Some Deco works ERTES
Sp. lasses SRTAS
Sporty Chevy CAMARO
Sprinter's bane BADSTART
Stronghold BASTION
Suckers? VACUUMS
Sue Grafton title phrase ISFOR
Surrounded by AMONG
Swinging Count BASIE
T-shirt brand BVD
Talk shop among, as fellow bookies? CHATODDSWITH
Tend to the turkey BASTE
Tipsy HIGH
TiVo alternative VCR
Turn-of-the-century map style? CHARTNOUVEAU
Type of adapter ACDC
Underground org.? UMW
Useful mineral ORE
Verb ending? OSE
VII doubled XIV
Wanted to know ASKED
Wee hr. ONEAM
What church music directors perform? CHORALSURGERY
Wild and fierce SAVAGE
Wonderland cake message EATME
X-ray cousin MRI
__ Jose SAN
__ Lama DALAI
__ v. Wade ROE
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