How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jul 10 2016

"Go __ Watchman": Harper Lee novel SETA
"Great" literary hero GATSBY
"Heat of the Moment" band ASIA
"Hold that thought" ONESEC
"I've got it!" elicitor IDEA
"Lady Marmalade" singer LABELLE
"Psycho" shower scene blood, actually BOSCO
"So that's __?" ANO
"Stop! You're ruining everything!" NONONO
"The Peruvian Songbird" Sumac YMA
"__ where it hurts!" HITEM
1992 Best Rock Song Grammy winner LAYLA
90 degrees from norte ESTE
Absolute rulers TYRANTS
Agree to a friending request ACCEPT
Baking site KILN
Baklava morsel NUT
Ballpark vendor's cry ICECOLDBEER
Be in a bee SEW
Beast of burden ASS
Benchmark for a movie daredevil? BODYDOUBLESTANDARD
Beseeches OBTESTS
Bethesda medical agcy NIH
Big name in 2008 financial news LEHMAN
Bio lab organism MICROBE
Bk. fair organizer PTA
Brooding rock genre EMO
Bygone autocrat TSAR
Capital of Eritrea ASMARA
Capital since 2002 THEEURO
Car buyer's choice COUPE
Car window options TINTS
Carrie Underwood, for one IDOL
Cavatappi and such PASTAS
Central garage item? BODYSHOPLIFT
Chin-up muscle, briefly LAT
Churro relative CRULLER
Compete in an impromptu "contest" STARE
Contented sounds AHS
Coveted statuettes OSCARS
Crimson Tide wrestler? ALABAMABODYSLAMMER
Disarmament subj ICBM
Diving duck POCHARD
Drove, with "off" TEED
Dublin-to-Blackpool dir ENE
Eagerly consume LAPUP
Eccentric sort GEEZER
Eliminate, as a vacancy FILL
Elroy Jetson's best friend ASTRO
Engaged in organized crime RACKETEERED
Entertains with a bedtime story READSTO
Feng __ SHUI
Former L.A. Sparks All-Star __ Leslie LISA
Fury and Silver of classic TV STEEDS
Gentle attention-getter TAP
Gets serious SOBERS
Gp. including the Rockies NLWEST
Gram. gender MASC
Have grand plans ASPIRE
Helen of Troy's mother LEDA
Home of The Hague: Abbr NETH
Immunology-themed gala? ANTIBODYSOCIAL
Impertinent SASSY
In spades APLENTY
It might be a mirage OASIS
JFK speechwriter Sorensen TED
Keep tabs on the enemy RECONNOITER
Lagunitas product ALE
Leave speechless AWE
Letters after either Cowboy St. senator's name RWY
Like some breakups MESSY
London strollers PRAMS
Los Angeles rarity SNOW
Math course for coll. credit APCALC
Modern storage unit BYTE
Movement suffix ISM
Need ice, maybe ACHE
Nick time? NITE
Nitrogenous 81-Down AZO
Nonhuman film substitute STUNTDOG
Norwegian for "sloping track" SLALOM
NSX automaker ACURA
Numbered rds RTES
NW Portuguese city BRAGA
Obstruct one's buddies during a hockey game? BODYCHECKMATES
Often laceless shoe MOC
One in a rack RIB
One more time ANEW
One of Israel's 12 tribes ASHER
Org. led by a Grand Exalted Ruler BPOE
Paneer cheese go-with NAAN
Pass by, as time TICKAWAY
Payless box letters EEE
Peyton's brother ELI
Pocket rockets, in poker ACES
Pointers ARROWS
Popular assistant SIRI
Pres. and veep LDRS
Private retreat LAIR
Promising "Are you available?" response ICANBE
Pumps up ELATES
Quaint contraction TWAS
Relaxed ATEASE
Right-hand pages RECTOS
Round Table honorifics SIRS
Royal with a broadcasting award? PRINCESSANDTHEPEABODY
Scrape (by) EKE
Shade trees ELMS
Sister of Khloé KIM
Sleek TRIM
Soong __-ling: Madame Chiang MEI
Sources of tears DUCTS
Strapless accessory CLUTCH
Straws, e.g TUBES
Switch end EROO
Talk oneself up BOAST
Tapped CHOSE
Tells tales FIBS
The Miracles' label TAMLA
The NCAA's Spartans MSU
Three-and-out follower, in football PUNT
Trans-Siberian Railway city OMSK
Tried proving that one could ATTEMPTEDTO
Try to convince URGE
Varieties TYPES
Vat filler DYE
Vending machine choice COLA
Walk all over TREADON
Watch (for) WAITUP
Watson outburst ISAY
White House accounting gp OMB
Witness' statement ISAWIT
Young newts EFTS
[What a snoozefest!] SNORE
__ Khan, online academy founder SAL
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