How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jul 08 2012

"Hi, sailor!" AHOY
"I don't believe it" CANTBE
"Kinsey" star Neeson LIAM
"Seinfeld" role ELAINE
"Star __" TREK
"That dress is perfect!" ITSSOYOU
"The Godfather" actor CAAN
'60s theater, briefly NAM
13th/14th-century German mystic ECKHART
1983 World Series champs BALTIMOREORIOLES
1992 presidential also-ran TSONGAS
7 on the Beaufort scale NEARGALE
All-in-one Apple IMAC
Anti-apartheid org ANC
Aptly named shaving lotion AFTA
Burglar's undoing SILENTALARM
Caspian country IRAN
Cinque e uno SEI
City SSW of Moscow OREL
Classic Jaguar XKE
Cold War enemy, informally REDRUSSIA
College sr.'s challenge GRE
Colossal IMMENSE
Cooking spray PAM
Cramming, say UPLATE
Cutesy-__ POO
Desperate DOORDIE
Equitably divided PRORATA
Experiences HAS
Flies across the Atlantic? TSETSES
Foofaraw ADO
Furry '80s fad items CHIAPETS
Gym safety item MAT
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hardly friendly COLD
Harley-Davidson's NYSE symbol HOG
Hawaiian coffee region KONA
How ballerinas dance ONTOE
Inn employee MAID
It borders It AUS
It may be uncharted ISLE
Italian lover's coo TIAMO
Jacques of "Jour de Fête" TATI
Jeep or Land Rover, briefly UTE
Korea divider, briefly DMZ
Labor TOIL
Lace place EYELET
Laugh syllable HAR
Lawn liming target ACID
Leader after Mao DENG
Lock up CLINCH
Looped handle ANSA
Made a touchdown ALIT
Man cave staples TVS
Marge Simpson's mother-in-law MONA
Mario Puzo novel OMERTA
Meal starter? OAT
Member of The Whiffenpoofs ELI
Mete (out) DOLE
Mideast pooh bah EMIR
Miner's dream MOTHERLODE
Mock tail? ERY
More likely to be R-rated RACIER
More spirited FEISTIER
Mountain road feature ESS
Move, as merchandise SELL
National Soccer Hall of Famer since 1993 PELE
Not so flexible FIRMER
Old comm. giant ITT
Old vitamin bottle letters RDA
One dealing with spirits LIQUORSTOREOWNER
One looking for stars TALENTSCOUT
One playing a part ACTOR
Ones trying to get picked up HITCHERS
Out on __ ALIMB
Outing that includes birding NATUREWALK
Peach or plum HUE
Pointed ACUATE
Postwar British leader ATTLEE
Prereqs for some Harvard applicants LSATS
Protest of a kind FAST
Put up points against SCOREON
Quite OHSO
Remote insert AACELL
Removed by hand, in a way TOREOUT
Rhett's last words ADAMN
Room with a sofa PARLOR
Scoreboard initials RHE
Scottish royal family STUARTS
Short-legged lizard SKINK
Slow equine pace JOGTROT
Slowing, on a score: Abbr RIT
Small combo TRIO
Soft drink ending ADE
Sommer of Berlin ELKE
Spanish saint who wrote the encyclopedic "Etymologiae" ISIDOREOFSEVILLE
Sphere's lack EDGE
Spillane's "__ Jury" ITHE
Stanford-Binet nos IQS
Survey an enemy position RECONNOITER
Talks and talks RUNSON
Tarzan creator's monogram ERB
Tenn. neighbor NCAR
Texter's hedge FWIW
The Sunni, e.g SECT
Timecard abbr HRS
Tony Award won four times by Tommy Tune BESTCHOREOGRAPHY
Tony winner Hagen UTA
University of Chicago site __ Park HYDE
Up and running ONSTREAM
Vel attachment? CRO
Very spicy fare EROTICA
Violist's clef ALTO
Visually rapt AGAZE
Volcano output EJECTA
What a criminal might be on? THELAM
When many retire ATTEN
Word relative EXCEL
Word with analysis or significance STATISTICAL
__ Bora: Afghan region TORA
__ Tin Tin RIN
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