How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jan 16 2011

"-zoic" things ERAS
"... __ he drove out of sight" ERE
"Absolutely!" YES
"Are we there __?" YET
"Catch-22" pilot ORR
"Giovanna d'__": Verdi opera ARCO
"Mamma __!" MIA
"My mama done __ me ...": song lyric TOL
"The Joy Luck Club" author TAN
"Wheel of Fortune" category PHRASE
"__ any drop to drink": Coleridge NOR
"__ fallen ..." IVE
1970s-'90s Toyota TERCEL
A chip, maybe ANTE
A lot of thinking is done in them CRANIA
Abandon DITCH
Allots, with "out" METES
Antitrust law enforcer: Abbr. FTC
Arouse EVOKE
Artistic impressions, briefly? TATS
Asian nurse AMAH
Assignation TRYST
Balaam's mount ASS
Bank deposit LODE
Beauty pageant prize TIARA
Belittle Short? DEMEANMARTIN
Bestow AWARD
Bistro bill of fare CARTE
Bowler's assignment LANE
Bullet that leaves a trail TRACER
California border lake TAHOE
Candidate's concern IMAGE
Capone and Capp ALS
Capone harasser NESS
Caribbean, e.g. SEA
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir. ENE
Chimborazo's range ANDES
Churchill's "so few": Abbr. RAF
Coastal raptors ERNS
Come in ENTER
Commander, in Arabic EMIR
Compound used to stabilize perfume KETONE
Confined SHUTIN
Cork's home EIRE
Country where Baha'i was founded IRAN
Creep INCH
Cup part BRIM
Delay LAG
Delt neighbor LAT
Discipline involving slow movement TAICHI
Discombobulate ADDLE
Dr. Cuddy on "House" LISA
Dynamo's antithesis IDLER
Earned MADE
Fifth-century scourge ATTILA
Footballers who draw flags? DIRTYLINEMEN
Fragrant resin ELEMI
German chancellor, 1969-'74 BRANDT
Giggle TEHEE
Good in the 'hood BAD
Great time BLAST
Green sides SALADS
Hasenpfeffer, e.g. STEW
Hip bones ILIA
Immune response component TCELL
Institution for Shrek and Fiona? HOMELYMATRIMONY
Isolate, in a way ENISLE
It can help you relax OTTOMAN
It may be rolled out TARP
Jam time SESSION
Join the cast of ACTIN
Key letter PHI
Kidney-related RENAL
King of workouts? HENRYTHEFIRMEST
La __ PAZ
Lab subject DNA
Lenten symbol ASH
Like soldiers and their families, usually APART
Like some bands ONEMAN
Like some floors TILED
Like Willie Nelson's voice NASAL
Little bird TIT
Longtime Seinfeld collaborator DAVID
Man of La Mancha SENOR
Man-goat deity FAUN
Mezzo Berganza TERESA
Milky Way phenomenon believed to occur almost weekly NOVA
Most austere BLEAKEST
Mountain homes AERIES
Mutiny REBEL
Nod, maybe BID
O, in old radio lingo OBOE
On eBay, e.g. FORSALE
One paying a flat fee LESSEE
Parting shot, say RETORT
PC component CRT
Pie cuts, essentially RADII
Pizzeria attraction AROMA
Poorly made SHODDY
Purloined sirloin? MEATHEIST
Quaker's pronoun THEE
Really dig ADORE
Ring bearer? EAR
River to the Tyrrhenian Sea TIBER
Rogaine-induced reverie? DREAMEDLOCKS
Sandler of "Big Daddy" ADAM
Saroyan's "My Name is __" ARAM
See 2-Down KNEES
Seed protector ARIL
Self-playing instrument PIANOLA
Semi filler DIESEL
Silent cowboy flick? MIMEDWESTERN
Small cut SNICK
Smallest ratite bird KIWI
Steam (up) RILE
Talk with one's hands SIGN
Taste, e.g. SENSE
They have reservations HOTELS
Threw barbs SNIPED
Toward the ship's rear ABAFT
Toys with tails KITES
Traditional wisdom LORE
Truck capacity unit TON
Upscale groups ELITES
Web address ending ORG
With 131-Across, greatest thing BEES
Word most often heard around midnight AULD
Words of agreement AMENS
Wordsworth works POEMS
Writer Tyler ANNE
Zoo area for dromedaries? CAMELZONE
__ Altos, California LOS
__ Victor RCA
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