How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jan 12 2014

"Go, team!" RAH
"I highly doubt that!" ASIF
"Phooey!" BAH
"The Flower of My Heart," in an old song ADELINE
"Tyranny and __ are never far apart": Bentham ANARCHY
"__ Miz" LES
'50s conflict KOREANWAR
*"Brace yourself" HOLDONTOYOURHAT
*1965 Rolling Stones hit GETOFFOFMYCLOUD
*Image on a North American flag MAPLELEAF
*Pasta choice ANGELHAIR
*Signal surrender RAISEAWHITEFLAG
*The company one keeps, often BIRDSOFAFEATHER
1980 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award recipient SEUSS
A hundred smackers ONEC
A stet cancels it DELE
Actor Wynn KEENAN
Alaska's __ Sound NORTON
Ancient fabulist AESOP
Anti-DUI org MADD
Anxious med. condition OCD
Apple product IPAD
Armstrong's carrier LEM
ATM initials NCR
Awe-ful sound? OOH
Ballot word: Abbr IND
Barn roof gadgets VANES
Behind TUSH
Birthplace of Apollo DELOS
Blood pigment HEME
Bob Dylan classic, and what this puzzle's starred clues' answers' endings could be BLOWININTHEWIND
Bounder ROUE
Burning up AFIRE
Busy as __ ABEE
Caller with a mask UMP
Chrysler Building style ARTDECO
City in southern Belarus PINSK
Classic movie motel BATES
Comply OBEY
Composer Boccherini LUIGI
Court setting BAIL
Cut again RESAW
Cyclades island IOS
Digging INTO
DJ who first promoted "Weird Al" Yankovic DRDEMENTO
Done in SLAIN
Dove purchase BAR
Down the tubes BAD
Egg __ yung FOO
First name at old Notre Dame ARA
For keeps, to Keats EER
Former auto financing org GMAC
French card game ECARTE
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Geese flocks in flight SKEINS
Genetic chains RNAS
Get __ for effort ANA
Gillette shaver ATRA
Gut course EASYA
Hands over CEDES
Highland wear TARTAN
Hosp. employees RNS
Ice cream name EDYS
Internet chat option SKYPE
Is excessively sweet CLOYS
Juvenile newt EFT
Kipling's young spy KIM
Lab slide creature AMOEBA
Leers at OGLES
Lid malady STYE
Like Haydn's "Surprise Symphony" ING
Like licked lollies STICKY
Like some poultry stuffing SAGY
Long, long time AEON
Loud bell sounds BONGS
Mass delivery: Abbr SER
Medieval address SIRE
Mideast sultanate OMAN
Mileage, so to speak USE
Mineralogist Friedrich MOHS
MLB VIP Scott Boras, e.g AGT
Motel patron, usually OVERNIGHTER
Move, to a Realtor RELO
Mummy discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 TUT
Museum Folkwang city ESSEN
Natasha __, Boris' partner in spydom FATALE
NPR journalist Shapiro ARI
NYC airport LGA
Obnoxious sort CREEP
Of a battery terminal ANODAL
One "trapped by his sinful talk," in Proverbs EVILMAN
Ox foot HOOF
Paganini's hour ORA
Parrot's cry AWK
PC file extension EXE
Pitching stat ERA
Plays with, as a toy mouse PAWSAT
Plum tomatoes ROMAS
Pocatello sch ISU
Posh prisons, metaphorically GILDEDCAGES
Question of recognition WHO
Raised one's hand, say VOTED
Reconcile, with "up" MAKE
Runner-up LOSER
See 25-Across OROSCO
Setting for 103 World Series games BRONX
Shakespearean villain IAGO
Ski patrol, at times RESCUEPARTY
Skin suffix DERM
Solemnly renounce ABJURE
Speed Wagons, e.g REOS
Spiritual essences SOULS
Start and end of a trademark cartoon credo IYAM
Stellar sort GEM
Straddling ATOP
Support for a start-up co SBA
Surg. centers ORS
Swaddle ENFOLD
Swedish imports SAABS
Tasted or tested SAMPLED
Team with the football OFFENSE
The "10" in "first and 10": Abbr YDS
Titter TEHEE
Trip around the world ORBIT
Turkish Empire founder OSMAN
Ugly looks SNEERS
Underground support ROOT
Vaudeville presentation REVUE
Walk wearily TRUDGE
Warwickshire river AVON
Where embryos grow UTERI
With 34-Across, pitcher who holds the major league record for career appearances JESSE
Within: Pref ENDO
Withstood ABIDED
Wouk's mutinied minesweeper CAINE
Writer Ephron et al NORAS
__ Helens MTST
__ of return RATE
__-weensie EENSIE
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