How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jan 11 2011

"I'm afraid this will sound funny" YOULLLAUGH
17-Across in the neck PEST
Actor Neeson LIAM
Adventurous RISKY
Ancient strings LYRE
Andean ancient INCA
Angle irons graphically represented by four sets of black squares in this grid, and by letter formations starting in the four longest answers LBARS
Ballet leap JETE
Banana discard PEEL
Benevolent lodgeful ELKS
Big name in beer PABST
Big name in video games ATARI
Bigger photo: Abbr. ENL
Boatload SLEW
Bounty rival VIVA
Bronze relative TAN
Brush component BRISTLE
Business card abbr. TEL
Cat-__-tails ONINE
Cats' quarry MICE
Chase on stage ILKA
Cowardly YELLOW
Crete-born "View of Toledo" painter ELGRECO
Do a slow burn FUME
Domesticated TAME
Donkey's protest BRAY
Dublin's land EIRE
Ernie of the PGA, to whom this puzzle could be dedicated ELS
Extremely, in Essex BEASTLY
Eyelid problem STYE
Fair grade CEE
Farmers' publication? ALMANAC
Finishes the road TARS
Follower of Mary LAMB
Future atty.'s hurdle LSAT
Garden site EDEN
German GM subsidiary OPEL
Got sick again RELAPSED
Gumbo pod OKRA
Have as a customer SELLTO
Horror maven Craven WES
Hyped-up feeling FEVER
Kellogg's toaster brand EGGO
Letter addressees SIRS
Like some quaint lamps OILLIT
Litter's littlest RUNT
Lounging jacket wearer's smoke, maybe PIPE
Makeup accentuates them EYES
Masseuse's challenge KNOT
Midday energizer POWERNAP
Names on it are off-limits to telemarketers NOCALLLIST
NYC subway line named for two boroughs BMT
Pasadena arena ROSEBOWL
Passé keyboard key SCROLLLOCK
Picket line crosser SCAB
Preminger et al. OTTOS
Recline lazily LOLL
Red Muppet ELMO
Say "bo's'n," say ELIDE
Scottish pattern PLAID
See 1-Across PAIN
Speak bluntly AVOW
Sphere ORB
Stock mkt. debut IPO
Stroll WALK
Texas ranch initials LBJ
Trot or canter GAIT
Up to the task ABLE
Verve ELAN
Video game difficulty setting SKILLLEVEL
Vowel before omicron IOTA
Was beaten by FELLTO
Wet ones, so to speak SMOOCHES
Wicked EVIL
Workshop sprite ELF
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