How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jan 07 2011

"Give me __" AHINT
"Mad Max" and "Twelve Angry Men"? IRATEMOVIES
"My stars!" GEE
"One Good Cop" actress RUSSO
Adventures ODYSSEYS
Amounting to nothing NULL
Anteater's sound effect in the comic "B.C." ZOT
Apartment caveat NOPETS
Automaker's concern, briefly MPG
Ballot marker XER
Before ERE
Before, before? PRE
Bill TAB
Brewery's best? ELITEBEER
Cameo material ONYX
Cameo, maybe ROLE
Chunk of time ERA
City where de Gaulle was born LILLE
Clue in a hunt ODOR
Composer Albéniz ISAAC
Fellows GUYS
Feminizing ending ETTE
First mate? EVE
Full coif AFRO
Get all mushy MELT
Go along AGREE
Head line PART
Head lines? EEG
Hold together COHERE
Hollywood "spear carrier" EXTRA
However YET
Is after you? ARE
Jim-dandy AONE
Kachina carvers HOPIS
Law partner ORDER
Like doodling IDLE
Like Falstaff OBESE
Lit up AGLOW
Making a mess at the warehouse? UPENDINGCASES
Money in the bank, e.g. ASSET
One of many at a Syracuse University football game? ORANGETOP
One usually includes an aria and a recitative SCENA
Org. offering jumps AAA
Oscar-winning role for Forest IDI
People bend over backwards for it LIMBO
Place to chill HOTTUB
Promising words IDO
Proof of quartz sales? AGATERECEIPTS
Pure and simple MERE
Put away EAT
Resort area near Reno TAHOE
Rhode Island's motto HOPE
Roger Maris wore it NINE
Save for later viewing TIVO
Scrap ORT
Self-realization sect ZEN
Setting for many Thomas Hardy novels WESSEX
Skin wound LESION
Small quantity DRIB
Some are noble FIRS
Some judges sit on them PANELS
Stirrup site EAR
Sweet ending OSE
Take in SEE
Texters do it TYPE
They make you red in the face ROUGES
Top 40 genre POP
Water under le pont EAU
Wedding creations INLAWS
Wine town near Turin ASTI
Work with a wide scope EPIC
Yogurt flavor BANANA
__ contendere NOLO
__ moon NEW
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