How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jan 06 2012

"10 Things __ About You": 1999 comedy IHATE
"Able was __ ..." IERE
"Dracula" director Browning TOD
"Exodus" actor MINEO
"Gloria in Excelsis __" DEO
"It's nobody __ business" ELSES
"Pop Up Video" airer VHONE
"The __ Affair": Jasper Fforde novel EYRE
"You said it!" AMEN
'60s-'70s Japanese leader SATO
*Fantasized DAYDREAME
*Major financial concern ECONOMICCOLLAPS
*Misrepresent, in a way TAKEOUTOFCONTEX
*Numbers field? ANESTHESI
All, in Asti TUTTO
Already old, with "so" LASTWEEK
Apparently do SEEMTO
Baja bears OSOS
Big name in furniture IKEA
Caring but strict approach TOUGHLOVE
Certain settler's tract HOMESTEAD
Confesses OWNSUP
Crazy, in a Ricky Martin song LOCA
Dispossess EVICT
Electronic music genre TECHNO
Epitome of thinness REED
Equally undesirable ASBAD
Everglades wader EGRET
Fancy neckwear ASCOT
Fired AXED
Fired, as a cartridge SPENT
Flight coordinators: Abbr ATC
Get ready for a concert TUNEUP
Graveyard shift hr ONEAM
Grime fighter CLEANER
Hint for understanding this puzzle's starred answers BACKTOSQUAREONE
Hostility ILLWILL
Insignificant amount REDCENT
It may be left on a table TIP
Japan and China are in it EASTASIA
Kid's reward, maybe STAR
LAX postings ETAS
Lid trouble STYE
Make really uncomfortable, in a way DEAFEN
Massachusetts motto opener ENSE
Name meaning "beloved" AIMEE
Native Rwandan HUTU
Noted 16-Across portrayer LAHR
Orch. section STR
Prefix with -pus PLATY
Promising words OATHS
Put away ATE
Put away STASH
Rect. bisector DIAG
Retired ABED
Run easily LOPE
Siren VAMP
Sitting around IDLE
Slowest to mix, perhaps SHIEST
Some awards PLAQUES
Songwriter Jacques BREL
Squabble SPAT
Stopped sitting around ROSE
Subject of the biography "The Man Who Loved Only Numbers" ERDOS
Symbol of courage LION
Thinking-on-one's-feet indicators UMS
Whip part LASH
Words before "Do I have to?" AWGEE
You might do it after making a wish BLOW
__ Dhabi ABU
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