How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jan 01 2011

"It's okay now" IMOVERIT
"War and Peace," e.g. EPIC
"You're my pride and joy, et cetera" girl in a Turtles hit ELENORE
Actor __ Ivory Wayans KEENEN
Afternoon service items CUPS
Antipasto veggie PIMIENTO
Apology ending CULPA
Avian activity NESTING
Bewitch ENAMOR
Bit of wit QUIP
Builds up considerably AMASSES
Celestial sci. ASTR
Chess stratagem GAMBIT
Common bait MAGGOTS
Do a number SING
Do a typical teenager's job SIT
Early hospital services insurer BLUECROSS
Editor, at times INSERTER
Experimental processor QUANTUMCOMPUTER
F1 neighbor ESC
Fictional harpooneer QUEEQUEG
Fifth Greek letter EPSILON
Fumble ERR
Game with beehive-shaped pieces PACHISI
German chancellor Merkel ANGELA
Great time EON
Ice cream purchase PINT
Increases UPSIZES
It may be gross: Abbr. ANAT
It takes your breath away APNEA
Juillet is part of it ETE
Keep out BAR
Leg bone FIBULA
Like eagles UNDERPAR
Muezzin's temple MOSQUE
Nobel Prize subj. ECON
Normandy beach JUNO
One often has a colon in its title SEQUEL
One with a spare in his boot BRIT
Opposite of ahead ASTERN
Painful, as honesty BRUTAL
Pop singer/songwriter Sands EVIE
Pou __: vantage point STO
Processing time meas. MSEC
Quite significant HUGE
Reagle of "Wordplay" MERL
Relaxed EASY
Rendezvous MEETUP
Room-sized computer ENIAC
Signs of success SROS
Small fee? CHG
Some Wi-Fi offerers CAFES
Stack site: Abbr. LIB
Start working GETONIT
Steal LURK
Suffix with Meso- ZOA
Tamarin relative MARMOSET
Title lost love in a Poe poem ULALUME
Tranquil SERENE
U.S. Army E-9 SGTMAJ
Unified whole GESTALT
Units measured by a multimeter OHMS
Word with punch or party LINE
Yarborough of Nascar CALE
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