How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Feb 21 2010

"Able was __ ..." IEREI
"Danke __" SCHON
"Peer Gynt Suite" composer GRIEG
"__ match?" GOTA
"__, there's more!" WAIT
*AOL service (44) WEBHOSTING
*Arizona attraction (34) PAINTEDDESERT
*Aviation pioneer (40) WILBURWRIGHT
*Ceremonial, as Anglican ritual (31) HIGHCHURCH
*Double martini, e.g. (32) STIFFDRINK
*Hurting for money (33) CASHSTRAPPED
*Line dancer? (18) CHORUSGIRL
*Obligation payable within a year (37) SHORTTERMNOTE
1988 Motown acquirer MCA
2000 Best New Artist Grammy winner AGUILERA
3M products TAPES
A slot machine has one ARM
Abrasion SCRAPE
Actor Byrnes EDD
Agreement PACT
Amphibious vehicle AMTRAC
Ancient invader of Greece XERXES
Apply sparingly DAB
Auction activities BIDS
Audi rival BMW
Authority to decide SAYSO
Average grades CEES
Bar array RYES
Beauty, to Keats TRUTH
Because INTHAT
Blonde bombshell Diana DORS
Blooms from bulbs TULIPS
Bone formation OSTOSIS
But, to Cassius SED
Californie, e.g. ETAT
Can, after "is" ABLETO
Caravel feature MAST
Chatterbox MAGPIE
Chicken general? TSO
Clothing embroidery, maybe, and a hint to finding the "insiders" in the answers to starred clues MONOGRAM
Come up short FAIL
Country N. of Slovenia AUS
Cross shape TAU
Down SAD
Drill insert BIT
DTs sufferers SOTS
Dutchman who painted "Gypsy Girl" HALS
Early 10th century year CMIII
Eave droppers ICICLES
Euro preceders PESETAS
Failed to be WERENT
Filled French fare CREPES
Form a certain front, in meteorology OCCLUDE
Frau, in France MADAME
Genesis peak ARARAT
Granada palace ALHAMBRA
Having a twist IRONIC
He orbited Earth 314 days before John YURI
How multi-nationals trade GLOBALLY
Hymn starter OGOD
Illness MALADY
In a few minutes SOON
Intimidate mentally, with "out" PSYCH
Islamic leader IMAM
Judge, e.g. HEARER
Kiss, to Luis BESO
Kitchen trailer? ETTE
Knife hyped on TV GINSU
L on a tag: Abbr. LGE
Leisurely stroll PASEO
Listens to HEEDS
Lobe dangler HOOP
Makers of beds? HOERS
Mob enforcer GOON
Moray, say EEL
Mountain man, maybe LONER
Nevada Northern Railway Museum city ELY
Not as much LESS
Not prompt for LATETO
Nota __ BENE
Old "King" Cole NAT
On __ with APAR
Palindromic altar ARA
Part of MPH PER
Partial rainbow SUNDOG
Paving material MACADAM
PC key TAB
Polite rural reply YESM
Pop singer Taylor __ DAYNE
PSAT takers JRS
Punic Wars general SCIPIO
Relaxed, in a way SAT
Remedy CURE
Remove, as a silly grin WIPEOFF
River of Yorkshire OUSE
Salon supply DYES
Santiago native CHILEAN
Sarrusophone cousins OBOES
School gp. PTA
Self-reproach SHAME
Seven Sisters school VASSAR
SFO info ETA
Shed, with "off" SLOUGH
Signer, at times XER
Simon and Garfunkel, e.g. DUO
Snitch RAT
Some L-shaped wrenches ALLENS
Some OR personnel RNS
Span. title SRTA
St. Pete athlete RAY
State so. of Queensland NSW
Stored ropes, e.g. COILS
Substandard CRUMMY
Synagogue text TALMUD
Take back RETRACT
Tejas y Nuevo México, por ejemplo ESTADOS
Theodore, to Wally BEAV
Thief, in slang GANEF
Tic or twinge SPASM
Tram unit CAR
Turkey, maybe TOM
TV add-ons VCRS
Two-time U.S. Open champ AGASSI
Ultimate degree NTH
Use FedEx SHIP
Wall St. hedger ARB
Water and elec. UTILS
Way of the Romans? APPIAN
Web addresses, briefly URLS
What a colon means, in analogies ISTO
When repeated, 1963 hit with alleged obscene lyrics determined by the FBI to be "unintelligible at any speed" LOUIE
Wildcat with tufted ears LYNX
Woody's son ARLO
Yankee who is the A.L. career leader in saves RIVERA
__-cone SNO
__-de-vie: brandy EAU
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