How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Feb 17 2006

"... __ the least" TOSAY
"The Metaphysics of Ethics" author KANT
"The Simpsons" merchant APU
"The Square Egg" author SAKI
"__ Crazy": Paul Davis hit IGO
Actor Tognazzi UGO
Actress Suvari MENA
Airport on Bessie Coleman Drive OHARE
Arm bone ULNA
Beginning of a freshman's lament IWANTEDTOEARN
Brooklyn pronoun YOUSE
Chanson ending? ETTE
Child, for one CHEF
Civilian garb MUFTI
Common type style ROMAN
Condiment formula NACL
Confused ATSEA
Czar quality? SILENTC
During AMID
Eavesdropper in the news: Abbr. NSA
End of the lament ANYFUTUREINIT
Fair-hiring abbr. EOE
Favorite IDOL
First name in songwriting JONI
First-time tux wearer, maybe GRAD
Frozen Wasser EIS
Gung-ho about INTO
Hood in the 'hood? DORAG
Improvises with the band JAMS
In the distance AFAR
It's inadvisable NONO
Keynes's subj. ECON
Late party SOIREE
Like some expectations UNMET
Lined up AROW
Linguist's concern USAGE
Loaf tidbits ENDS
Maker of Anatom and Cerix watches RADO
Mascara ruiner TEAR
Model married to David Bowie IMAN
Muscle quality TONE
Nature photographer Adams ANSEL
Not at all stiff ATEASE
Oft-dunked treat OREO
Org. with cutters USCG
Paris pronoun ELLE
Playing (with) TOYING
Pocket collection LINT
Prepare for reuse, perhaps ERASE
Prophet during the reign of Jeroboam II HOSEA
Put up ERECT
Rhyme scheme in Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" AABA
Ring up, nowadays SCAN
Sore MAD
Spasmodic sounds ACHOOS
Stampede performer ROPER
Stick for a stroller? CANE
That, old-style YON
The Sixth Amendment prevents trials in it, in most cases ABSENTIA
Time's partner AGAIN
UK network, with "the" BEEB
Unspoken TACIT
Winner, usually ACE
Woody's woman SOONYI
Wore (away) ATE
Year abroad ANO
__ cloud: solar system region beyond Pluto OORT
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