How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Feb 12 2006

"Contract with America" name NEWT
"Roots" Emmy winner ASNER
"Star Wars" green-skinned dancer OOLA
"That stings!" OUCH
"The Master Mystery" star, 1919 HOUDINI
"The Unknown Citizen" poet AUDEN
Actress Long NIA
Afflict AIL
Applications USES
Archer and Tyler ANNES
Arranged logically SORTED
At least as NOLESS
Author LeShan EDA
Balkan War country SERBIA
Banned insecticide DDT
Be rootless ROVE
Boxing legend ALI
Broadway smashes, in slang BOFFS
Bush fighter GORE
Buttercup relatives ANEMONES
Canine trails SCENTS
Capital on the Mississippi BATONROUGE
Cartoon Chihuahua REN
Chinese menu name TSO
Chowder go-with SALTINES
Classic Dreyer/Jolson/Rose song MEANDMYSHADOW
Climber's challenge EVEREST
Comes to the table SITSDOWN
Court arbiter REF
Curly colleague MOE
Days in Durango DIAS
Declassifies UNSEALS
Denials NOS
Deposed despot AMIN
Develop slowly EVOLVE
Dialect ending ESE
Ecole enrollee ELEVE
Engine room site, to the captain ALOW
Exile isle ELBA
Exist ARE
Fan favorite IDOL
Flight problem DELAY
Float site PARADE
Georgia, once: Abbr. SSR
Grow gray AGE
He's often out ODDMAN
Helped with a gas problem? BURPED
Hindu priest BRAHMAN
Home of the Green Wave TULANE
Inuit craft UMIAKS
It gets a lot of returns: Abbr. IRS
It often requires processing DATA
Kamchatka Peninsula site ASIA
Keeps available, as schedule slots HASOPEN
Lea cry MAA
Leak indicators, perhaps HISSES
Level to the max FLATASAPANCAKE
Lighter choice BIC
Like some professional hours BILLABLE
Lille lily LYS
Lime target ACIDSOIL
List ender ETAL
Longboarding milieu SURF
Loser to DDE AES
Malfeasance, e.g. MISDEED
Master ACE
Metered tribute ODE
Method MODE
More costly DEARER
Mother of the Valkyries ERDA
Mouse support PAD
Nervous twitch TIC
Novelist Hurst FANNIE
OAS member URU
Oasis, at times MIRAGE
Official commands EDICTS
Often MUCH
Often ALOT
Old Mideast confed. UAR
One of the fam SIS
One of the Gorgons MEDUSA
One working on a bust NARC
Org. that publishes Shooting Illustrated NRA
Pantry pest ANT
Part of a flight RISER
Peevish mood SNIT
Pessimist's words ICANT
Philanthropic group since 1936 FORDFOUNDATION
Pile up AMASS
Plaintiff SUER
Platte River settler OTO
Playful bites NIPS
Pols' places STUMPS
Prated RANON
Prefix with fauna AVI
Purplish hue LILAC
Requite AVENGE
Rhine feeder AARE
River island AIT
River to Lyon SAONE
Roman way ITER
Runs away DESERTS
Saw point TOOTH
Say "Mea culpa" RUE
Scatter about STREW
Scratch (out) EKE
Secondary image GHOST
Service servers TEAPOTS
Shrinking sea ARAL
Similar ALIKE
Sinbad, for one SEAFARER
Some patches IRONONS
Source of TV laughs for 30 years SNL
SpikeTV, formerly TNN
Steams up ENRAGES
Studio occupant ARTIST
Subject, usually NOUN
Suffix with meth- ANE
The second Mrs. Sinatra AVA
Thinnes of "The Invaders" ROY
Titanic, for one OCEANLINER
Uncle __ BENS
Usual: Abbr. STD
Vacancy sign TOLET
Weary TIRE
What predators do PROWL
Wife of Jacob LEAH
Woods denizens? BABES
Words before whim or dime ONA
Zoning spec ONEFAMILY
__ coffee IRISH
__ Jima IWO
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