How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Feb 09 2014

"M*A*S*H" star ALDA
"The Gates of Hell" sculptor RODIN
"The Jungle Book" pack leader AKELA
"This guy walks into __ ..." ABAR
"Understood" ISEE
95-Across appears on street signs near this Big Apple landmark GRANDCENTRAL
Aphrodite's love ADONIS
Aquarium favorites TETRAS
Arctic blast NORTHER
Arg. miss SRTA
Astronaut Fisher, the first mother in space ANNALEE
Avoids detection HIDES
Back in the day ONCE
Bearing MANNER
Biblical words before and after "for" ANEYE
Bochco series LALAW
Brake neighbor, informally THEGAS
Bread brushed with ghee NAAN
Bridge coups SLAMS
Bridle part BIT
Brunch cocktail MIMOSA
Busy co. on Valentine's Day FTD
But, to Brutus SED
Cable co. that merged with AT&T TCI
Cartoon stinker LEPEW
Cassoulet, e.g STEW
Cheaters, to teachers ANAGRAM
Checkered start? CEE
Classical theater ODEON
Columbus Blue Jackets' org NHL
Contract stipulations TERMS
Cousteau's milieux MERS
Degree of interest? PERCENT
Den __, Nederland HAAG
Distant traveler SPACEMAN
Dog's age LONGTIME
Douglas Adams' facetious answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything FORTYTWO
Draft choice ALE
Effervesce SPARKLE
Egyptian god of the dead OSIRIS
Elicit EDUCE
Explosive compounds TNTS
Farm abode STY
First-century emperor NERO
Fit to __ ATEE
Funny blunder HOWLER
Gambler's strategy SYSTEM
Gene splicer's field BIOTECH
Getting __ years ONIN
Gracile SLIM
Grandma NANA
Habituate ENURE
Hardly virtuous AMORAL
Harmonize SYNC
Hatch, as a plot CREATE
Hayseeds RUBES
He played House LAURIE
High schooler TEENER
His number 95-Across is now permanently retired JACKIEROBINSON
Hit lightly TAPON
Honorarium FEE
Hosiery hue TAUPE
Hosp. areas ORS
Iconic bull ELMER
Impressionist John BYNER
In __ and out .. ONEEAR
In __: sort of ASENSE
Increase gradually ACCRUE
It contains 95-Across crude gallons BARRELOFOIL
It has 95-Across spots PAIROFDICE
It's roughly 95-Across kilometers MARATHON
Its atomic number is 95-Across MOLYBDENUM
Its first printing had 95-Across lines on most pages GUTENBERGBIBLE
Jazz title COUNT
Kind of watch or warning TORNADO
King who died at 95-Across ELVISPRESLEY
LAX postings ETAS
Lean-__: sheds TOS
Legalese adverb HERETO
Lien, say CLAIM
Like some landings: Abbr INSTR
Like some wine glasses STEMLESS
London gallery TATE
Longing ITCH
Magic, on scoreboards ORL
Makes bubbly AERATES
Makeup mogul Elizabeth ARDEN
Melt together FUSE
Mobster's code of silence OMERTA
Mournful mother of myth NIOBE
Move up and down BOB
Mysterious character RUNE
Night fliers BATS
NYSE overseer SEC
O.T. book ESTH
Op-Ed pieces ESSAYS
Pacific archipelago MARIANAS
Painter Fra Filippo __ LIPPI
Part of RSVP SIL
Part of un año ENERO
Parting wish TAKECARE
Pedicab, e.g TRICYCLE
Persian Gulf land IRAN
Peruvian coin CENTIMO
Phil Collins gear DRUMSET
Philatelist's item ALBUM
Piece of cake CINCH
Poly- ending GON
Pond ducks TEALS
President number 95-Across BILLCLINTON
Protein-building acid AMINO
Pull TOW
Revolutions, perhaps: Abbr YRS
Scholar SAVANT
Scottish landowner LAIRD
Sean Combs stage name PDIDDY
Short-lived 1765 statute STAMPACT
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sometime it goes ANYTHING
Spanish titles SENORS
Spreads out SPLAYS
Stubborn one ASS
Subj. for Euclid GEOM
Sun. delivery SER
Taj __ MAHAL
Take __ the waist: alter INAT
Tarzan creator's monogram ERB
They have strings attached APRONS
Tijuana locale BAJA
Tiller opening? ROTO
Uplifting wear BRA
Verdun's river MEUSE
Wine: Pref OEN
Yale student ELI
__ Butterworth MRS
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