How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Feb 09 2011

"Au contraire!" NOTSO
"Do ___ to eat a peach?": Eliot IDARE
"If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize" boaster ALI
"Mean" señor HOMBRE
"So Much in Love" singers, with "The" TYMES
"The change is yours" KEEPIT
"The Lion King" king SIMBA
"Yes, Yvette" OUI
"You think I'm to blame?" WHOME
"__ the G String": Bach work AIRON
"__ the ramparts ..." OER
"__ Wiedersehen" AUF
Acid used in soap OLEIC
Actor Lundgren of "Rocky IV" DOLPH
Advanced LOANED
Alan of "Little Miss Sunshine" ARKIN
Back stroke? PAT
Baseball's Griffey (Jr., too) KEN
Buzzing with activity ASTIR
Chichén __: Mayan ruins ITZA
Clearasil target ZIT
Conditional promise IFICAN
Conflicted TORN
Desktop images ICONS
Egg: Pref. OVI
Feedback INPUT
French possessive TES
Gardening moss PEAT
Gregarious SOCIAL
Hardly cool NERDY
Home censorship aid VCHIP
Incentive for dangerous work HAZARDPAY
Inflict, as havoc WREAK
Infomercial appeal CALLNOW
International finance coalition GSEVEN
Joins, as oxen YOKES
Journalist's last question? HOW
Knucklehead NITWIT
Lake Tahoe's aptly named Cal __ Casino NEVA
Las Vegas-to-Salt Lake City dir. NNE
Like stale jokes OLD
Likely loser in war DEUCE
Londoner's last letter ZED
Lyon king ROI
Needle TAUNT
Neither stewed nor pickled? SOBER
Nook download EBOOK
On the job ATWORK
Permeate IMBUE
Polish Solidarity leader WALESA
Raising UPPING
Rd. Rabbits VWS
Riches' opposite RAGS
See 22-Across THERESMORE
See 38-Across STANDINGBY
Sierra Club founder MUIR
Some votes AYES
South Pacific island region OCEANIA
Spanish silver PLATA
Sparkle VERVE
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Struggle VIE
Troops encampment ETAPE
Trumpet sound BLARE
Twinkle GLEAM
University of Montana athletes GRIZZLIES
Utopian IDEAL
Verdi opera with a Shakespearean plot OTELLO
Volume component WIDTH
With 24-Across, infomercial appeal BUTWAIT
With 49-Across, infomercial appeal OUROPERATORSARE
Wrath IRE
X, to Greeks CHI
Yves or Yvette, e.g. NOM
__ dragon: largest living lizard KOMODO
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