How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Feb 08 2009

"Etta __": old comic strip KETT
"King Kong" studio RKO
"Project Runway" host Heidi KLUM
"__, Interrupted" GIRL
007's alma mater ETON
1889 statehood achievers, with "the" DAKOTAS
Alt. spelling VAR
Amy, to Jo SIS
Bible transl., e.g. VER
Biweekly tide NEAP
Bounce in a cave ECHO
Bounded LOPED
Breathed's comics penguin OPUS
Bridge coup SLAM
British academic tests ALEVELS
Britney's ex KFED
Bull: Pref. TAUR
Cabin lights are usually turned off during them REDEYES
Carrier making short hops AIRTAXI
Casual wear SLACKS
Center opening? EPI
Cha follower? CHING
Cheered (up) PERKED
Citation QUOTE
Classroom drilling ROTE
Close call NEARMISS
Corn site STALK
Deal-busting org. DEA
Didn't exactly say HINTED
Draft creator CHIMNEY
Dreyer's partner in ice cream EDY
Driller's gp.? ADA
Ear bone INCUS
Eclipse, in olden days OMEN
Edmonton's prov. ALTA
End of a lap? KNEES
Etcher's need ACID
Factor in the current fin. crisis DEREG
False names ANONYMS
Fast sports cars GTS
Fell behind schedule RANLATE
FICA stipend SSI
Film in which Peter Benchley played a reporter JAWS
Firth of Clyde, for one INLET
Flamboyant Dame EDNA
Flute relative PICCOLO
Gets to use ACCESSES
Gladstone rival in 19th-century England DISRAELI
Go off on a tangent DIGRESS
Goes over EXCEEDS
Grinch victims WHOS
Handcuff MANACLE
Hard direction to paddle UPRIVER
Hi-__ monitor RES
High point APEX
Horror movie staple SCREAM
Hostile to ANTI
Hung down DROOPED
Hurricane warning response EMERGENCYEVACUATION
In danger of falling off LOOSE
Instigators SPURRERS
It may be due POSTAGE
It's not theoretical EMPIRICALEVIDENCE
Jackson-to-Tupelo dir. NNE
John in Scotland IAN
Kay of "Breezy" LENZ
Kellogg's whole grain cereal MUESLIX
Lend __ ANEAR
Look like Tom? PEEP
Marked simply XED
Mil. authority CMD
Monetary policy goal ECONOMICEXPANSION
Morales of "Bad Boys" ESAI
Morning commute reading material EARLYEDITION
Mystical character RUNE
Narrow lowland GLEN
Nat or 'Stro NLER
Not intentional UNMEANT
Nova __ SCOTIA
Obsesses FIXATES
Old Ford models LTDS
Pa. airport north of PIT ERI
Paris possessive SES
Passes along RELAYS
Perfumer Lauder ESTEE
Player on a team that lost all 16 of its 2008 NFL games LION
Point DOT
Pointed at from behind one-way glass IDED
Pop singer Lopez TRINI
Pose SIT
Prefix with -pus PLATY
Prefix with pend SUS
Preteens' sch. ELEM
Ray who sang with the Glenn Miller Orchestra EBERLE
Refreshingly named vodka cocktail SEABREEZE
Rip off THIEVE
Rock group whose name is a partial rebus INXS
Roger Maris wore it NINE
Roundish OVOID
Rule out NEGATE
Sailor's nightmare CALM
Saison in the sun ETE
Scanned bars UPCCODE
Sharon of "Boston Public" LEAL
Shimmy shakers HIPS
Short message NOTE
Slight amount TAD
Small creatures ATOMIES
Soft, wet area MUDHOLE
Songwriter David and actor Holbrook HALS
Spicy cuisine THAI
Strong adhesive EPOXY
Student selection criterion ENTRANCEEXAM
Sum preceder? ERGO
Tasty GOOD
Teen hangouts ARCADES
This coming NEXT
Tightly connected CLOSEKNIT
Tony of '60s golf LEMA
Tricky maneuver WILE
Trig function COSEC
Turned over CEDED
Two-piece shooter, often POOLCUE
U.S./Canada's __ Canals SOO
Volcanic island near Java KRAKATOA
Waikiki's island OAHU
Where the Bauhaus school began WEIMAR
Witticism JEST
You might give him the business SON
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