How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Feb 02 2014

"A Room of One's Own" author VIRGINIAWOOLF
"For shame!" TSKTSK
"Frasier" role ROZ
"I see," facetiously AHSO
"Johnny Belinda" Oscar winner WYMAN
"Let's keep moving!" ONWARD
"Nutrition that starts with apples" sloganeer MOTTS
"Paint Your Wagon" composer LOEWE
"So long" TATA
"Something tells __ goofed" MEI
"You're kidding" SERIOUSLY
"__ a stinker?": Bugs Bunny line AINTI
"__ favor" POR
"__ girl!" ATTA
1963 Burton/Taylor film THEVIPS
2008 Indy Japan 300 winner __ Patrick DANICA
Airing in prime time, say ONTV
Arg. neighbor URU
Assumption-to-conclusion segue IFSO
At least one ANY
Author Hesse HERMANN
Authorizing OKING
Barrel support STAVE
Better informed WISER
Bickering ATIT
Big fishhook GAFF
Bill and Louis NYES
Boiling sign STEAM
Breezes through ACES
Buffalo hockey player SABRE
Cellar prize VINTAGEWINE
Chevy subcompact since 2004 AVEO
Classic muscle car GTO
College URL ending EDU
Colorado NHL team, in headlines AVS
Competes against VIESWITH
Convent dweller NUN
Crying more WEEPIER
Daphnis' lover CHLOE
Do roadwork PAVE
Dorian Gray creator WILDE
Dramatic words of accusation ETTU
Draw a bead on AIMAT
Early Nebraskan OTOE
Entertainment section staples REVIEWS
Fading star HASBEEN
Fails to recycle WASTES
Florida University named for a pope STLEO
Fly high SOAR
Formal promises OATHS
Full of life SPRY
George Smiley portrayer Guinness ALEC
Himalayan capital LHASA
Homework shirker's lame excuse ILOSTIT
Hurries HIES
Industry VIP CZAR
Intestinal ILEAC
It employs a movable mirror: Abbr SLR
Key of Beethoven's Ninth DMINOR
King of hearts feature TWOEYES
Las Cruces or Las Vegas CITY
Later, to Luis LUEGO
Laze about, with "out" VEG
Leicester lockup GAOL
Letter before sigma RHO
Literary monogram RLS
Little shot? PIC
Live wire DYNAMO
Lively European dance VIENNESEWALTZ
Maker of the Inspire Food Processor OSTER
Makes less tense THAWS
Maleficent BAD
Martin or swift BIRD
Midway attraction RIDE
Migraine omens AURAE
Misses overseas: Abbr SRTAS
Most zealous KEENEST
NATO founding member THEUS
Niagara ambience MIST
Not just damp WET
One might be in a pool GENE
Onion roll BIALY
Orderly place?: Abbr HOSP
Org. that investigated Alger Hiss HUAC
Ottoman title PASHA
Palme __: movie prize DOR
Part of a staircase STEP
Passe preposition UNTO
Place for checking or saving RINK
Place for refreshment HEALTHSPA
Post-game activity SHOWERING
Pre-singing routine VOCALWARMUP
Prefix meaning "bee" API
Presley's middle name ARON
Pro __ BONO
Replace for now SITINFOR
Required investment of a kind ANTE
Retiree's pursuit, perhaps VOLUNTEERWORK
Search giant YAHOO
Seine tributary MARNE
Seriously impair MAIM
Short turns? REVS
Six-stringed instrument, usually VIOL
Small change CENT
Snoopy persona JOECOOL
Soldier's set MESSKIT
Some body fluids SERA
Sparkling French refreshment VICHYWATER
Split-off group SECT
Stargazer's focus? IDOL
Steely Dan album AJA
Suffix with morph- EME
Tail fastener, in a party game PIN
Tanning nos SPFS
Tarzan creator's monogram ERB
Tarzan portrayer Ron et al ELYS
Teamed, as oxen YOKED
Temple leader RABBI
Thereabout ORSO
This, to Juanita ESTA
Thomas __ Edison ALVA
Turneth into BECOMETH
Uncool sort NERD
Unnamed degrees NTHS
Used for dinner ATEON
Vacation stopover INN
Wallop PASTE
Waterway engineered by Clinton ERIECANAL
Within: Pref ENTO
Woman of letters VANNAWHITE
Wondering word WHY
Word heard in the choosing process EENY
__ majesty: high treason LESE
__ mater ALMA
__ of hands ASHOW
__ society HONOR
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