How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Feb 02 2006

"... for what __ worth" ITS
"Comin' __ the Rye" THRO
"CSI" staple DNATEST
"Don't wait any longer!" ACTNOW
"Earth's Children" series author AUEL
"Eh?" sayer OLDGEEZER
"Murder, __ Wrote" SHE
"Way cool!" RAD
10-point type ELITE
A Bobbsey twin NAN
Arrives at a new home MOVESIN
Backwoods denial NAW
Badajoz bear OSO
Bank line feature REVOLVINGCREDIT
Bar assistant? PARA
Big name in vacuums ORECK
Broad st. BLVD
Buyers' concerns PRICES
Bygone blade SNEE
Canine registry org. AKC
Carry TOTE
City on the Oka OREL
Cleaned, in a way SWEPT
Collector's suffix IANA
Difficult journey TREK
Doughnut shape TORUS
Dwarf with glasses DOC
Earth shade OCHRE
Easy pace JOG
Economic concern SPIRALINGDEBT
Explorer Ponce de __ LEON
Fiend OGRE
Full house sign SRO
Goofed ERRED
Gossip JAWER
Heroic act GEST
Hill's publishing partner MCGRAW
Horned viper ASP
Image Awards org. NAACP
Important ages ERAS
Keeping a low profile INDISGUISE
Kind of vb. AUX
Lamebrain SIMP
Linda Ronstadt, by birth ARIZONAN
Lively song TOETAPPER
Livestock identifier EARTAG
Low mil. ranks PVTS
Mantle piece? MAGMA
Meson with zero spin PION
Michelin introduced it in 1946 RADIALTIRE
Modena ruling family ESTE
Mug with a hinged lid SEIDEL
Offend the olfactories REEK
Old-fashioned textile device SPINNINGWHEEL
One of Israel's 12 TRIBE
Paint base LATEX
Part of one's inheritance? GENE
Poker holding PAIR
Sat by the window, maybe WAITEDUP
Scots Gaelic ERSE
Ship's bottom HULL
Show over REPEAT
Simple rhyme scheme ABAB
St. Anthony's cross TAU
Syngman of Korea RHEE
Tigra TwinTop automaker OPEL
Touch type MIDAS
Verdi aria ERITU
Walk with effort SLOG
Word processor settings TABS
__ gum: thickening agent GUAR
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