How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 27 2005

"Fernando" pop group ABBA
"It's chilly out here!" BRR
Angled additions ELLS
Aquatic fun lover OTTER
At any time EVER
Blouse, say TOP
Brazil neighbor PERU
Bridge position EAST
Charge RATE
Clothing APPAREL
Complete collections SETS
Cone bearer PINE
Cook's cover-up APRON
Coral phenomena REEFS
CRTs and keyboards PCPRODUCTS
Diagnostic school exam PRETEST
Do not disturb LETBE
Dogpatch's Daisy __ MAE
Easy stride LOPE
Edible mushroom MOREL
Elec. announcement facilitators PASYSTEMS
Electrical unit AMP
Em, to Dorothy AUNT
Enactment STATUTE
Fished for morays EELED
Flag thrower REF
Foot feature ARCH
Former fast fliers SSTS
Game show host EMCEE
General vicinity AREA
Gun on stage, e.g. PROP
H.S. gym instructors PETEACHERS
In pumps, for instance SHOD
Kind of butter or brandy APPLE
King Kong's cousins APES
Kitchen add-on ETTE
Lacking color PALE
Mystery author Queen ELLERY
Not punctual LATE
Otherwise ELSE
Overture follower ACTI
Part of a GP's schedule APPT
Pasta shape BOWTIE
Pea containers PODS
Peepers EYES
Pep rally word RAH
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Picnic salad ingredient POTATO
Pleasant scent AROMA
Postpone, with "off" PUT
Pries (into) NOSES
Prints and paintings ART
Promo pros PRWRITERS
Regal address SIRE
Removed, as a magazine page TOREOUT
Robin's residence NEST
Russian country home DACHA
Sage, for one HERB
Sandwich-style sweet OREO
Seaman's yeses AYES
Sibilant "Hey!" PSST
Silver or steel METAL
Soft drink since 1898 PEPSI
Splendid display POMP
Sported HADON
Spot in the ocean ISLET
Staples staple PAPER
Steal, as a purse SNATCH
Summer shirt TEE
Talked nonstop RANON
Tantrum thrower BRAT
Teacup handles EARS
Where roasts roast OVENS
Words of emphasis IREPEAT
You, biblically THEE
__ a customer ONETO
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