How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 26 2018

"12 Years a Slave" director Steve or "Bullitt" star Steve (not the same person) mcqueen
"Dust in the Wind" band kansas
"Fantastic Beasts" actor Miller ezra
"Off the Court" autobiographer Arthur ashe
"Why I Live at the P.O." author Welty eudora
"__ glad to!" idbe
"__ Mio" osole
Actor Mineo sal
Acupuncture tool needle
Any one of Bach's Brandenburgs concerto
Arnaz-Ball production company desilu
As a whole enbloc
Attacks goesat
Auden, Blake or Coleridge poet
Black-plumed pond swimmer coot
Breakfast fare flapjack
Bullied browbeaten
Cameo stone onyx
Campus VIP dean
Circle segment arc
City west of Daytona Beach ocala
Commoners populace
Crude shelter hut
Dave Brubeck classic "Take __" five
Entreat urge
Escorted to the exit ledout
Exquisite trinket bijou
Far from forward shy
Farewell that is bid adieu
Fashion designer Mizrahi isaac
Fourth word in the "Star Wars" intro ago
Gives the heave-ho boots
Grows old senesces
Gumbo pods okras
Hung. neighbor aus
Jinx hex
Like Dagwood's wife blonde
Make, as beer brew
Malevolence evil
Material flaws rips
Melodic passage arioso
Mork's planet ork
Most sparsely populated Eur. country icel
Name dub
Nashville venue opry
Odds and ends stuff
Org. with admirals usn
Oscar winner Minnelli liza
Ottawa-based flying gp rcaf
Owl or osprey bird
Part of four state names new
Pumps and platforms shoes
Racecourse shape oval
Rebuke scold
Remove politely, as one's hat doff
Richard who played "The Wiz" in 1978 pryor
See 54-Across clubs
Skirmish fracas
Solid alcohol sterol
Sorbonne article une
Stirring up, as resentment stoking
Stone chips spalls
Take to a new planter reroot
Throw wildly, say err
Took off fled
Tough crowds mobs
Tough going slog
Twitter troublemaker troll
Unacceptable notok
Used TurboTax, perhaps efiled
Vientiane language lao
Web help pgs faqs
What's hidden at the ends of 17-, 23-, 29-, 43- and 47-Across--if all are in, say, 38-Across royalflush
Word processor command save
World Cup cry ole
World Golf Hall of Famer Aoki isao
__ and means ways
__ East, Chicago-based pizza chain ginos
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