How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 20 2013

"Bon __" SOIR
"Possibly" ITMAY
"The door's open" COMEIN
"This Is 40" director Judd APATOW
"Wheel of Fortune" buy ANI
"__ Lot": King novel SALEMS
*A bar of wood or iron (one of nine starred clues/answers that appear here exactly as they did in the first crossword puzzle) RAIL
*A pigeon DOVE
*A talon SERE
*An aromatic plant NARD
*Opposed to less MORE
*Part of a ship SPAR
*The fibre of the gomuti palm DOH
*To govern RULE
2002 Alice Sebold best-seller "The Lovely __" BONES
Ab __: initially OVO
Agent's clients TALENT
Arabic for "commander" EMIR
Assuming that IFSO
Baby Ruth maker NESTLE
Broadway supporter ANGEL
Broadway supporter BACKER
Calendar abbr THU
Chan player OLAND
Crowd at Lake Como? TRE
D.C.'s __ Mall NATIONAL
Dashiell Hammett dog ASTA
Disastrous FATAL
Feature of the first crossword puzzle, seen in 56-Across on 12/21/1913 SYMMETRICALGRID
Fix, as a knot RETIE
Flu fighter SERUM
Go fast TEAR
Hypnotized UNDER
In order NEAT
It may follow eleven NOON
Letter string BCD
Like some tea HERBAL
Like the first crossword puzzle DIAMONDSHAPED
New Eng. campus UMASS
Not allow OUTLAW
Not fast EAT
Number from the past OLDIE
Of a son or daughter FILIAL
One acting badly HAM
Opinion SAY
Paving substance TAR
Pianist Templeton ALEC
Pop's __ Vanilli MILLI
Preserve, in a way EMBALM
Putin put-down? NYET
Quart, e.g UNIT
Red Cross supply PLASMA
Refuges ASYLA
Reinforcing construction piece STEELBAR
See 6-Down ONCE
Short warning DONT
Site of the George W. Bush presidential library SMU
Small inlet RIA
Speaker systs PAS
Spice Girl __ B MEL
Sporting weapons EPEES
Stick on ATTACH
Takes off LAMS
Time worth remembering ERA
Took by the hand LED
Two-time Oscar winner Wiest DIANNE
Unimportant MINOR
What some pros shoot PAR
With 8-Down, as a welcome change FOR
Woodworking tools RASPS
Youngest Wilcox child in "Howards End" EVIE
__ pants (baggy women's trousers) HAREM
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