How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 20 2012

"Hunger Games" battle setting ARENA
"I am Fortune's fool" speaker ROMEO
Abominable HATED
Ancient Greek theater ODEON
Anti-inflammatory brand ALEVE
Aquatic plant life ALGAE
Before thou know'st ANON
Busy goings-on ADO
C.W. Post is its largest campus LIU
Canaanite god BAAL
Cause of many a mistake HASTE
Church council SYNOD
Cold water hazard BERG
Control tower spots BLIPS
Convinced SOLD
Danish shoe company ECCO
Deliver, as a rant LETRIP
Disney collectible CEL
Ear-related AURAL
Flash, perhaps IDEA
Floor plan division ROOM
Fore-and-aft-rigged ship SLOOP
Frat party recyclable BEERCAN
Fruit high in Vitamin C LEMON
Hammer part PEEN
Hit back? SIDEB
Hornswoggled HAD
Hotel room amenities IRONS
Howdy from Adelaide GDAY
Hubristic VAIN
Humiliate ABASH
Icy cold GELID
Intel collector SPY
It's not optional MUST
Italian peak ETNA
Lamb creation ESSAY
Like Mars, apparently RED
Masters champ between Craig and Ben SEVE
Melodious sounds DULCETTONES
Mombasa's country KENYA
Nasdaq debuts IPOS
One of a historic seagoing trio NINA
Pedro's lucky number? SIETE
Permanently marking SCARRING
Phils, e.g NLERS
Pioneering computer ENIAC
Pirate's booty? DVD
Places in la mer ILES
Play the siren LURE
Playground retort ARESO
Polish language EDIT
Positive pole, perhaps ANODE
Prefix with European INDO
Publication since 1967, and a hint to the end of 20-, 36- and 43-Across ROLLINGSTONE
Put under DRUG
Reason for detention, perhaps PASSINGNOTES
Red states? IRES
Religious enterprises MISSIONS
Rent collector LESSOR
Saint with a fire ELMO
Samson's betrayer DELILAH
Short-straw drawer LOSER
Similar AKIN
Sine qua non NEED
Singer in the Whiffenpoofs YALIE
Speed-of-sound ratio MACH
Srs.' income sources IRAS
Teacup handle EAR
Tennis great with 11 Grand Slam singles titles NADAL
Trim, as a tree PRUNE
Unexpected attack, as of dizziness SUDDENONSET
Weakens SAPS
Where to find a hero DELI
Whom to trust, per a 33-Across NOONE
__ code PENAL
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