How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 20 2009

"I've __ had!" BEEN
"Nothing __!" TOIT
"The Age of Anxiety" Pulitzer winner AUDEN
"The Big Chill" director KASDAN
"The only sure bait when you angle for praise": Lord Chesterfield MODESTY
"The Partridge Family" actress DEY
"What a pity" SOSAD
"What __ idea!": "How stupid!" ADUMB
1961 #1 hit for Dion, and a literal hint to this puzzle's hidden theme RUNAROUNDSUE
2-BR listings, perhaps APTS
Acid rain component SULFURDIOXIDE
Actress Woodard ALFRE
Aegean island IOS
Alastair of "A Christmas Carol" SIM
Arctic plain TUNDRA
Atlantic commonwealth BAHAMAS
Available for work ONHIRE
Bellyache GROUSE
Bellyache SQUAWK
Breezy farewells TATAS
Bridge bid, for short ONENO
Bud's bud LOU
Celebrated singers DIVAS
Character __ FLAW
City ESE of Mocha ADEN
City near Dayton XENIA
Convertible, maybe SOFA
Couch potato quality INERTIA
Course list MENU
Cup's 48: Abbr. TSPS
Deadly sins, e.g. SEPTET
Did some after-dinner work, maybe? BUSED
Discussion site FORUM
Disquiet UNREST
Doodads GISMOS
Driving aid TEE
Drops by Niagara Falls? MIST
Duke's gp. ACC
Earth SOD
Entrance GATEWAY
Eucalyptus eaters KOALAS
Extended LONG
Fair-hiring org. EEOC
Finds another purpose for REUSES
Follow TAIL
French noble COMTE
Frequent McEnroe opponent LENDL
Game whose name must be spoken during play UNO
Get a whiff of SNIFF
Gives pieces to ARMS
Hard worker's output SWEAT
Have the final turn GOLAST
Heavy weight TON
History PAST
Hosp. areas ICUS
Hot day refuge SHADE
How much medication is taken ORALLY
Ill-gotten gains LUCRE
Immune system lymphocyte TCELL
In just a bit SOON
Indic language URDU
Is under the weather AILS
It's caused by standing fans THEWAVE
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr. STE
Joanne of film DRU
June observance SUMMERSOLSTICE
Kennel sound YIP
Kept under control REINEDIN
Kin of ibid. OPCIT
Large-kitchen feature ISLAND
Literally, "with highest praise" SUMMACUMLAUDE
Major in astronomy? URSA
Manages DOESOK
Mid sixth-century date DLI
Milk units: Abbr. QTS
Monopoly buys: Abbr. RRS
Moonshine HOOCH
Mountain nymph OREAD
Natives of Lima or Toledo OHIOANS
Never, in Nuremberg NIE
Nickname heard in Manhattan SUNFLOWERSTATE
Noodle BEAN
Old Italian bread LIRA
Old knowledge LORE
One who gets you up ELATER
Ones who can barely be seen? NUDES
Only World Series perfect game pitcher LARSEN
Palace abroad ELYSEE
Party leaders HOSTS
Pick up the pace HASTEN
Pizazz ELAN
Plenty ALOT
Plunder LOOT
Popular yellow office product POSTIT
Portrait photographer Richard AVEDON
Prom night rentals LIMOS
Queens stadium ASHE
Ran the show EMCEED
Reading in a disorderly class? RIOTACT
Sch. with a record 33 Rose Bowl appearances USC
Seafood restaurant starter SHRIMPBISQUE
Shining LITUP
Show up ARRIVE
Since way back when INAGES
Smart set MENSA
Smooth in the shop SAND
Songlike ARIOSE
Squealer FINK
Strong D.C. lobby NRA
Sun. discourse SER
Sweep's target, perhaps SOOT
Tarnish TAINT
Tear into ASSAIL
The world's longest crosses Japan's Akashi Strait SUSPENSIONBRIDGE
Theological inst. SEM
They may follow dogs SLEDS
Toned down SOFTENED
Tulsa sch. named for an evangelist ORU
Twofold DUAL
Unsavory pair of options EVILS
Vacationing OFF
Vast, in verse ENORM
Waterside inn BOTEL
When a teen's curfew may be ATTEN
Will Smith title role ALI
Worked up AGITATED
Workers LABOR
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
__ au vin COQ
__ Cologne EAUDE
__ gum: thickening agent GUAR
__ nous ENTRE
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