How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 17 2017

"2 + 2 = 5" problem? SUMTHINGSWRONG
"Chicago" star GERE
"Could be trouble" UHOH
"Don't panic" BECALM
"Friends" friend ROSS
"Get __!": "Control yourself!" AGRIP
"King __" LEAR
"More than I wanted to know" TMI
"Pic-a-nic" basket-seeking toon, familiarly YOGI
"Unto the Sons" memoirist TALESE
"What have we here?!" OHO
"What __?" OFIT
1925 Bryan foe DARROW
2-Down, to Cato AMOR
Absorb, as a loss EAT
Actor Diggs TAYE
Actress Blanchett CATE
Actress Gaye of "Ali" NONA
Adlai's 1956 running mate ESTES
Aerial mission SORTIE
Aesopian ending MORAL
Anthony __, Pulitzer winner for "All the Light We Cannot See" DOERR
Approval indicator SEAL
Arms-folded response MAKEME
Astronomy Muse URANIA
Athlete Jackson discusses immunization options? BOTALKSINJECTIONS
Average salary on a Detroit team? PAYPERTIGER
Avoids like the plague ESCHEWS
Ballet outfits TUTUS
Basic French infinitive ETRE
Bean in Hollywood ORSON
Beauty pageant band SASH
Beer originally brewed near a Northwest capital, briefly OLY
Big name in candy REESES
Bit of porch furniture, perhaps SETTEE
Borscht veggie BEET
Brief moments SECS
Bring back to a former state RESTORE
Brother of Peyton ELI
Bun choice SESAME
Camera component LENS
CEO's credential MBA
Certs competitor TICTAC
Checked (out) SCOPED
Chinese evergreen LITCHI
Chooses OPTS
Clapton et al ERICS
Cruise purpose PLEASURE
Cupid, to Plato EROS
Dadaist collection ARPS
Darling HONEY
Defense gp. dissolved in 1977 SEATO
Denver-to-Omaha dir ENE
Easy rhythm LILT
El __, Texas PASO
Fighting ender TREATY
Forgers of a sort SMITHS
Former Renault LECAR
Foxy SLY
Garden invader WEED
General Bradley OMAR
Gift recipient DONEE
Grandmas, earlier MOMS
Greiner of "Shark Tank" LORI
Handel opera written in Italian ORESTE
Harrow competitor ETON
How rural areas are populated SPARSELY
Ira Gershwin's forte LYRICS
Islamic branch SHIA
Island birthplace of Pythagoras SAMOS
Japanese theater form NOH
Key for Debussy? ILE
Kit set TOOLS
Lacking company ALONE
Lamb piece ESSAY
LAX inspection org TSA
Leslie Charteris hero, with "The" SAINT
Like serious errors GRIEVOUS
Lincoln who was the first screen adult Tarzan ELMO
Meager amount IOTA
Med school subj ANAT
Mild oath DANG
Mischievous IMPISH
Motion passers AYES
NBA nickname since the '70s MAGIC
Nile biter ASP
No. 5 maker CHANEL
Offer of help ICAN
Phobia beginning ACRO
Pinstripes wearer YANKEE
Pizazz ELAN
Places with courts GYMS
Podcaster Carolla ADAM
Poehler "Weekend Update" co-host on "SNL" FEY
Put an end to BAN
Quick, as service SAMEDAY
Reflective SHINY
Refrain syllables TRALA
Rodeo accessory REATA
Roof rack items SKIS
Rotting results ODORS
Rover's turf MARS
Rugby action SCRUM
Seaman's complete canvas expense? WHOLESAILCOST
Searches all over SCOURS
Set of nine ENNEAD
Seville : Sra. :: Seattle : __ MRS
Shore squawker SEAGULL
Situation when a frat room is empty? NOBUDDYHOME
Spring spelling event could face cancellation? MAYBEEMAYBENOT
Subject of clothed and nude Goya portraits MAJA
Success on the second roll SPARE
Take __ at ASTAB
Tara surname OHARA
Tarzan player Ron ELY
Tease RAG
The Beatles, e.g BRITS
Thin porridge GRUEL
Tide type NEAP
Toyota Camry model SOLARA
Two above an eagle PAR
Unintended revelation SLIP
Was humbled ATECROW
Wee amount TAD
Weekly inspiration for many SERMON
What "it takes," at the start of many macho mantras AREALMAN
Where the Mets played SHEA
Word derived from a marquis SADIST
Writer anticipates a vacation? AUTHOREYESTIMEOFF
Writer Bagnold ENID
__ Sea DEAD
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