How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 04 2015

"... high hope for __ heaven": Shak ALOW
"A chain ... strong __ weakest link" ASITS
"Looney Tunes" lisper SYLVESTER
"Modern Family" network ABCTV
"Revolutionary Road" author Richard YATES
"The Jungle Book" villain SHEREKHAN
"Yikes!" YEOW
"Yoo-hoo!" HEREIAM
1944 Pacific battle site ENIWETOK
2013 Spike Jonze film HER
Alabama River city SELMA
Along with the rest ANDALL
Arctic coast explorer RAE
Aunt with a "Cope Book" ERMA
Blessed HOLY
C.S. Lewis hero ASLAN
Caterpillar rival DEERE
Center HUB
Character in the comic "Mutts" MOOCH
Cheapen ABASE
Christmas __ PIE
Command level: Abbr ECH
Cry of discomfort MOAN
Derisive sound SNORT
Diagonally ... or what each of four pairs of puzzle answers form? KITTYCORNER
Disentangle RAVELOUT
Electric guitar effect REVERB
Electromagnetic wave generator MASER
Former Abbey Road Studios owner EMI
French spa EVIAN
Friend of Calvin HOBBES
Gradual revelation FADEIN
Half of a cartoon duo STIMPY
Howe'er ALTHO
Ice cream thickeners AGARS
Kind of vegetarian LACTO
Leftovers OTHERS
Linguistic root ETYMON
Litter call MEW
Mate's affirmative AYE
Mil. awards DSCS
Mil. branch USN
Munch on EAT
Mutton dish IRISHSTEW
Norse royal name OLAV
Oklahoma natives OSAGES
Orchestra sect STR
Paper with a Société section LEMONDE
Part of many a date MOVIE
Peggy Lee specialty TORCHSONG
Pooh pal TIGGER
Present NOW
President before Sarkozy CHIRAC
Pulls a Charmin shenanigan, briefly TPS
Rail rider HOBO
Record LOG
Romantic evening highlight, perhaps MOON
Scar's brother MUFASA
Seder month NISAN
Shore up, as an embankment REVET
Skedaddle HIE
Some routes: Abbr STS
State north of Victoria: Abbr NSW
Title from the Arabic for "master" SAHIB
To date ASYET
Univ. peer leaders RAS
Violinist who taught Heifetz AUER
Virtuous MORAL
Winter warmer HOTTEA
__ network NEURAL
__-face KISSY
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