How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 02 2012

"Allow me ..." IFIMIGHT
"Capisce?" GETME
"Cats" poet's monogram TSE
"Don't take candy from strangers," say? GUILEWARNING
"Fawlty Towers" producer, with "the" BEEB
"Ghostbusters" goo SLIME
"Your shingle work stinks!" e.g.? ROOFINGSLIGHT
"__ fan tutte": Mozart opera COSI
13th-century date MCCI
A beginner in NEWAT
Abby and Martha's poison of choice, in a 1939 play ARSENIC
ACLU concerns RTS
Airline investigative org NTSB
Algerian port ORAN
Analogy words ISTO
Arabic alphabet opener ALIF
Arctic carrier SLED
Arranged pickling solutions on the shelf? RACKEDONESBRINES
Asian wraps SARIS
Audibly awed AGASP
Beach shirt TEE
Beefeater product DRYGIN
Biceps band ARMLET
Book flap feature BIO
Boot part INSOLE
Breakfast fare EGGS
Chap LAD
Choir section ALTOS
City west of Caen STLO
Cognac grade, initially VSOP
Conserves HUSBANDS
Cosa __ NOSTRA
Crazed MANIC
Dalmatian, e.g SLAV
Data update mechanisms FEEDS
Deceptive handle ALIAS
Democratic donkey designer NAST
Disaronno Originale product AMARETTO
Diving duck SMEW
Drug in Shatner novels TEK
Dutch pottery city DELFT
Empty church basket? COLLECTIONPLIGHT
Feudal servant VASSAL
Firenze's land ITALIA
Fried __ RICE
Funhouse admission fee? FRIGHTCHARGE
Funny Fields TOTIE
Furrowed STRIATE
Goal for a H.S. dropout GED
Goes after HASAT
Golfer's concern LIE
Hacienda brick ADOBE
Indian chef's series of adventures? SPICEODYSSEY
Influential collegian, briefly BMOC
Infuriates IRES
Infuriates ANGERS
Invoice column hdg DESC
Island S. of 10-Down SAR
It's common in some camps NUDITY
King or queen FACECARD
Landing with just a toothbrush? LIGHTARRIVAL
Like "Mary Poppins" RATEDG
Like blue cheese RICH
Like leaves LOBED
Like May through August, in a way RLESS
List of typos and such ERRATA
Litigator's org ABA
Little piggies TOES
Long John Silver feature ONELEG
Maestro Toscanini ARTURO
Magician's opening ABRA
Man cave topic SPORTS
Many pin tumbler locks YALES
Memorable Shakespearean trio WITCHES
Mitty portrayer KAYE
Mus. direction in a dramatic passage CRESC
My friend abroad MONAMI
Name on sweet pieces REESE
Napoleon I's birthplace CORSICA
Not as risky SAFER
Not really, with "only" INNAME
Nuke-testing dept ENER
Oct. 24, 1947 declaration UNDAY
Official commands EDICTS
Old dagger SNEE
One in a military march? HUP
Onetime Rolex rival ELGIN
Opens one's eyes AWAKENS
Opposable digit THUMB
Outfit for an outfit UNIFORM
Partings BYES
Patriotic chant USAUSA
Place setting items MATS
Pre-coll. exams SATS
President pro __ TEM
Prevention measure? OUNCE
Program writer CODER
Put in bold type, say STRESS
Remain undecided PEND
Reuben need SWISS
Reverberations in une grotte ECHOS
Roller coaster, e.g RIDE
Romney foe OBAMA
Rube's "anti" AGIN
Sac fly result RBI
Sausage skin CASING
Shelter from a storm, perhaps COVE
Short details? SPECS
Solstice mo DEC
Sommer of film ELKE
Southern Baltic Sea port GDANSK
Spanish she-bear OSA
Sphere opening IONO
Spoke Siamese? MEWED
St. __: Caribbean island BARTS
Stats, e.g NOS
Subtitle of the sequel "Damien" OMENII
Suffix with Jacob EAN
Sun. speech SER
Syst. with gestures ASL
Theater sections TIERS
Topper seen on a mogul SKIHAT
Tough call TOSSUP
Trivial lies FIBS
Uppity sort SNOOT
Urgent DIRE
Venezia casino winner SETTE
Verb in the classic "Mission: Impossible" opening scene DISAVOW
Virginie, e.g ETAT
Water from France EVIAN
Where surfers shop EMALL
Wineglass feature STEM
Worldwide relief org UNICEF
__ colada PINA
__ flakes BRAN
__ Park: Edison lab site MENLO
__ school MED
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