How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 31 2007

"Five Women" author Jaffe RONA
"Hold Me" Grammy winner OSLIN
"Magic Hour" author Susan ISAACS
"Sophie's Choice" Oscar winner STREEP
"The Science of Hitting" co-author Williams TED
1977 thriller set at Boston Memorial Hospital COMA
Abraham's nephew LOT
Anastasia's father, e.g. TSAR
Au pair's school subj. ESL
Ball club? BAT
Band with the 1977 album "Out of the Blue" ELO
Brazil's __ Alegre PORTO
Chicago district, with "the" LOOP
Clippers home TOOLSHED
Complex pattern WEB
Cut, old-style SNEE
Density symbols, in physics RHOS
Dos cubed OCHO
Droop SAG
Engine part CAM
Entirely ALL
Exchange zingers SPAR
Fancy butter shapes ROSETTES
Four quarters ONE
French adverb ICI
Garage buildup GRIME
Helicopter repair outfit? CHOPPERSHOP
Horror movie staple ZOMBIE
Infinite pair? ENS
Informal top TEE
Intended MEANT
It may be a copy of a ck. ENC
It may be half-baked IDEA
Its logo is based on a scallop SHELLOIL
Latin I word ESSE
Lecture to a vegetable gardening class? PEPPERTALK
Liq. measures PTS
Literary bits ANA
Little foxes KITS
Longest river in France LOIRE
Lou Grant's ex-wife EDIE
Middle Eastern bigwig EMEER
N.L. East city ATL
Norm of the PGA PAR
O'Neill's daughter OONA
On a winning streak HOT
One might be in a pool GENE
Ornamental fabric DAMASK
Permit holder LICENSEE
Place for an AOL icon CRT
Plant organ PISTIL
Police operation to recover stolen pagers? BEEPERSTING
Proclaim loudly TRUMPET
S.F. setting PST
Seat of Washington's Pierce County TACOMA
Secret formula for making fasteners? ZIPPERCODE
Short refreshers CATNAPS
Signs up for ENTERS
Something to grind AXE
Sorry and more GAMES
Spinning loads WASHES
Spread widely STREW
Spree TOOT
Straight up ERECT
Tap sites KEGS
Tooth covering ENAMEL
TriBeCa neighbor SOHO
Uto-Aztecan language HOPI
Willow variety OSIER
Word before freeze or fry DEEP
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