How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 15 2010

"... say, and not __" ASIDO
"Excuse me ..." AHEM
"Gil Blas" novelist LESAGE
"Go for the Goal" autobiographer HAMM
"Soap" family name TATE
"Take __ from me" ATIP
"The Mod Squad" role LINC
"The Sea Around Us" author Carson RACHEL
"Wiggly dessert stale, kemosabe" JELLOOLD
"__ of robins ..." ANEST
"__ Sam": "Green Eggs and Ham" opening IAM
19th-century queen's tough tests? VICTORIANORALS
Adapt musically ARRANGE
Addition symbol CARET
Aquatic frolickers OTTERS
Automne preceder ETE
Badly burned British dish? BANGERSANDASH
Bay Area hub: Abbr. SFO
Bean measures? EEGS
Bentley of "American Beauty" WES
Boss's okays, often INITIALS
Bottom line, ideally PROFIT
Bully's dare MAKEME
Business mag INC
Cars over the road ELS
Cave __: beware of the dog CANEM
Cell messengers RNAS
Cheerleader's word RAH
Citrus source LIMETREE
Computer acronym ASCII
Courses at bars SALADS
Customer file ID ACCTNO
Daily opinion page, briefly OPED
Dairy case item OLEO
Designer monogram YSL
Do a double take, say REACT
Drink stand buy ADE
Duck à l'orange, e.g. ENTREE
Econ. measure GNP
Europe's __ de Genève LAC
Fairy tale baddie OGRE
Fanaticism ZEAL
Fed. medical org. NIH
Femme __ FATALE
Foil maker ALCOA
Food storage area LARDER
Friends-and-family support group ALANON
From the heart? AORTAL
Get closer, as to hear better LEANIN
Get to work again FIX
Golfer's option CART
Hail __ ACAB
Half a dance CHA
Hindu loincloth DHOTI
Hindu music style RAGA
Hodgepodge MISHMASH
Idyllic spots EDENS
If nothing else works INAPINCH
Inscribe ETCH
Instigate FOMENT
Invite as one's date for ASKTO
Israeli port city EILAT
It ain't quite "Hey!" PSST
Jazz group? SET
Jazz immortal ELLA
Keep current UPDATE
Key of Brahms's Symphony No. 4 EMINOR
Lawrence's land ARABIA
Maker of Nutri-Grain Waffles EGGO
Mauna __ LOA
Middle East VIP EMIR
Mischievous long-eared critter? ARCHHARE
MLB honorees MVPS
Museum exhibitor ARTIST
Neeson of "The A-Team" LIAM
Netanyahu of Israel, familiarly BIBI
Not as chilly MILDER
Notorious '80s-'90s crime boss GOTTI
Notre Dame's Parseghian ARA
Nova __ SCOTIA
NYC subway IRT
OK and others STS
Onetime AT&T rival GTE
Onetime Burmese statesman UNU
Operatic highlight ARIA
Own, to a Glaswegian HAE
Parallel world? OTHEREARTH
PC troubleshooters TECHS
Personnel STAFF
Picnic spoiler RAIN
Pint-drinking buddies' experience? ALEBONDING
Pop of rock IGGY
Previously AGO
Proprietor's calculation NETSALES
Prosecutor's burden PROOF
Quartz variety JASPER
Reagan-era scandal IRANGATE
Record material VINYL
Red-and-white supermarket logo IGA
Regret deeply LAMENT
Rehab admission USER
Relax EASE
Religious dissenters? PRAYINGANTIS
Restrains REINSIN
Richards of "Jurassic Park" ARIANA
Rocking Turner TINA
Roman holiday FESTA
Safari sighting GNU
Scout's discovery TALENT
Ship's cargo list MANIFEST
Simple card game WAR
Sinus specialists, briefly ENTS
Sonoma and Safari GMCS
Southend-on-Sea's county ESSEX
Space GAP
Speaks in slang? SEZ
Spock, partly VULCAN
Store of ore LODE
That, in Tijuana ESO
Three-handed card game SKAT
Tick off IRK
To-do pile site INBASKET
Torrid Zone boundary TROPIC
Touch of color TINCT
Twangy NASAL
Type that regularly visits Willy Wonka's factory? CHOCOLATEILK
U.K. defense arm RAF
Uganda's Amin IDI
Van Gogh works OILS
Virginia __ REEL
Wake maker OAR
Whacked, Biblically SMOTE
What would trouble Trixie if the Kramdens moved away? ABSENCEOFALICE
What you might take if you're tired? ALOADOFF
When gluttons eat OFTEN
Wool: Pref. LANI
Word with drug or mile MIRACLE
Zeno's home ELEA
__-jongg MAH
__-Turkish War ITALO
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