How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 11 2013

"Ahem" cousin HEY
"Annie Hall" actress KEATON
"Baseball Tonight" channel ESPN
"Heavens!" YIKES
"The Fountainhead" writer Rand AYN
"__ Was a Rollin' Stone": Temptations hit PAPA
'70s tennis star Nastase ILIE
12-Down, e.g JET
Absinthe flavoring ANISE
Actor Beatty NED
Actress Peeples NIA
Add value to, as a deal SWEETEN
Aid in moving an army bed? COTWHEELS
Allow to enter LETIN
Altar agreement IDO
Baker's supply YEAST
Basketball tactic PRESS
Beasts of burden ASSES
Big rig fuel DIESEL
Big __: WWI cannon BERTHA
BlackBerry downloads APPS
Bold poker bet ALLIN
Bro or sis SIB
Bullfight cry OLE
Check endorser PAYEE
Clavell novel set in Hong Kong TAIPAN
Cloister group NUNS
Clothing line SEAM
Cocoon occupants PUPAE
Collecting Soc. Sec RET
Cop's dog-days domain? HOTBEAT
Correspondent's "Oh, and another thing ..." PPS
Court plea, briefly NOLO
Courtroom fiction name ERLE
Crafty sort DEVIL
Dedicate, as a book at a signing INSCRIBE
Deity's online forum comment? GODPOST
Detroit athlete TIGER
Did a smith's work SHOED
Diplomatic formality PROTOCOL
Doesn't divulge, as bad news SITSON
Drill presses, lathes and the like? SHOPOBJECTS
Electromagnetic physicist Michael FARADAY
Emphasize STRESS
Enjoy a story, say READ
Enjoy, as a hammock LIEON
External hard drive capacity prefix TERA
Feed bag feed OATS
Fertilizer ingredient POTASH
Fields of study AREAS
Film terrier ASTA
Fixed beforehand PRESET
Fop's tie ASCOT
Frightened reaction EEK
Funny Johnson ARTE
Get as a return REAP
Got up AROSE
GPS determination LAT
Hard-to-approach type, perhaps SNOB
Have yet to pay OWE
Historic chapter ERA
Horn blower TOOTER
Hostile calls HOOTS
Inflates, as a résumé PADS
It might match cuff links TIEPIN
Jet-black, in verse EBON
Just down the road from NEARTO
Kosher deli buy KNISH
Late-afternoon marina observations? DOCKSHADOWS
Latin 101 word ESSE
Lazy __ SUSAN
Like some airline tickets ONEWAY
Like undercooked eggs RUNNY
Lock openers KEYS
Many a prep sch ACAD
Many an ex-lib NEOCON
Mao's successor DENG
Map collection ATLAS
Mates PALS
Mmes., in Monterrey SRAS
Most inane SILLIEST
Muslim's pilgrimage HAJJ
New England hrs EST
NPR journalist Shapiro ARI
One going on and on PRATTLER
One working on a bench? PIANIST
Op-ed piece ESSAY
Other considerations ANDS
Paid players PROS
Part of a fancy setting CHINA
Passé TV hookup VCR
Pea house POD
Prius automaker TOYOTA
Promo for a prominent baby doctor's book? SPOCKPLUG
Property title DEED
Queue at a rest room, to a tot? POTTYLINE
Ready for the sea SAILABLE
Rebel's crime SEDITION
Reprobate SCALAWAG
Retired flier SST
Rubs out ERASES
Serving a purpose UTILE
Set as a price ASKED
Short read? MAG
Signs off on, in a way INITIALS
Slices in a pizza, often OCTAD
Slippery as __ ANEEL
Small, in Saint-LГґ PETIT
Smokers' buys: Abbr CTNS
Some religious sects CULTS
South Carolina state tree PALMETTO
Speech imperfection LISP
Sri Lanka setting ASIA
Streisand classic PEOPLE
Summary RECAP
Sun-cracked SERE
Tear RIP
Thyroid and pituitary GLANDS
Time for promoting awareness about electrical hazards? SHOCKWEEK
Topog. map stat ELEV
Typesetting measure PICA
Typically reddish-brown ape ORANG
Unwanted phone connection TAP
Urgings, as of one's conscience DICTATES
URL initials HTTP
Verbally assault LAYINTO
Warm-weather top TSHIRT
Waterproof cover TARP
Ways a fish avoids capture? CODTRICKS
With regret RUEFULLY
Work for a captain CREW
Woven linen tape INKLE
__ cuisine HAUTE
__ shoestring: with little to spend ONA
__-pitch SLO
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