How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 02 2013

"If you don't go to bed, Santa won't come," e.g.? CHRISTMASRUSE
"__ off?" ONOR
1973 Stones ballad ANGIE
Agile SPRY
Airport security req VALIDID
Alien adopted by Herman and Lily? THEGREENMUNSTER
Ally of Roderigo IAGO
Animal enclosure PEN
Baseball's "Iron Horse" GEHRIG
Beach transp ATV
Become irritated GETSORE
Big name in beauty ESTEE
Big refs OEDS
Bolted down ATE
Chemical ending IDE
City in Kansas IOLA
Clod APE
Co-star of Carroll, Jean, and Sally ROB
Cook's "Food's ready!" ORDERUP
Cross-shaped letter TAU
Cupcakes-to-be BATTER
Currency until 2002 LIRE
Custard concoction FLAN
Divested (of) RID
Diving bird AUK
Draft pick ALE
False friends USERS
Family fare letters TVPG
Filmmaker Riefenstahl LENI
Gap that's easy to bridge? MINIATUREGULF
Go after, as flies SHAG
Guardian of Narnia ASLAN
Hesitating sounds UHS
Howdies YOS
Ice cream entrepreneur Joseph EDY
Icelandic literary collection EDDA
Inc. abroad LTD
It's not a big case ETUI
Kiss while hiking? TRAILBUSS
Latin case: Abbr DAT
Leader after Mao DENG
Like curtains to be installed UNHUNG
Lion portrayer LAHR
Look down on the clouds, perhaps SOAR
Mer land ILE
Not as prevalent RARER
Not meant to be public OFFMIKE
Obama's "Dreams From My Father," e.g MEMOIR
Olympics chant USAUSA
One of the fam SIS
Pinched STOLEN
Plato's market AGORA
Prize for neatest coloring? KINDERGARTENCUP
Put up BUILD
Rent LET
Role for Marty Feldman IGOR
Sandy shade ECRU
Slip in the pool? TYPO
Sludge MUD
Small music group TRIO
Soccer broadcaster Messing SHEP
Some reddish deer ROES
Song in the musical "Kismet" FATE
Sticking point THORN
Terrible twos cries NOS
That, in Madrid ESO
They're found in mines and minis SEAMS
Track OVAL
Unavailable, in a way ATLUNCH
Where some thank-yous are written PREFACE
Whopper topper KETCHUP
Wire wearer SPY
Words to a kidder, and a hint to how this puzzle's five longest answers were created OHYOU
__ lazuli LAPIS
__ vodka: ristorante phrase ALLA
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