How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 02 2011

"Come __ My House": Rosemary Clooney hit ONA
"Have you no shame?" TSK
"Just doing my job" ITRY
"Kapow!" cousin WHAM
"Little Women" sister MEG
"Little Women" sister AMY
"Seinfeld" specialty IRONY
"Today" co-host LAUER
"Up, up and away" carrier TWA
"__ arigato": Japanese "thank you very much" DOMO
"__ Mio": classic Italian song OSOLE
*Aviation display AIRSHOW
*Delayed reaction DOUBLETAKE
*Military hobbyist's pastime WARGAME
*Prom time, to prom-goers BIGNIGHT
*Radioactive decay measure HALFLIFE
1804 duelist BURR
66, notably: Abbr. RTE
Actor Wallach ELI
Airline with blue-striped jets ELAL
Alimentary route CANAL
Baa nana? EWE
Bat mitzvah, e.g. RITE
Beret perch TETE
Call after a missed field goal NOGOOD
Choir part TENOR
Deal with moguls? SKI
Diamond org. MLB
Double-platinum Steely Dan album AJA
Fireworks reaction OOOH
First name in jeans LEVI
Get fit TRAIN
Grounded fleet: Abbr. SSTS
High, as a kite ALOFT
Hollywood tree PALM
Iron-rich green veggie KALE
It makes Tom frisky CATNIP
Jammies PJS
Kareem __-Jabbar ABDUL
Knocks for a loop JOLTS
Laugh syllable HEE
Leave alone LETBE
Like bourbon barrels OAKEN
Like some health care INHOME
Links target HOLE
Mythical big bird ROC
Nine of diamonds? TEAM
Obey the coxswain ROW
Paradise EDEN
Part of a.k.a. ALSO
Perjurers LIARS
Pita sandwich GYRO
Poor boy seller DELI
Pre-euro Spanish coin PESETA
Principal MAIN
Programmer's banes BUGS
Provolone alternative SWISS
Put the kibosh on STIFLE
Question of identity WHO
Quite a lot OFTEN
Repeatedly ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues TIMEAFTERTIME
Reykjavik-born one-named singer BJORK
Run a tab, say OWE
Salon foot treatment, briefly PEDI
Sched. question mark TBA
Slithering squeezer PYTHON
Soup base BROTH
Stout maker BREWER
Subj. to bone up on? ANAT
The heebie-jeebies UNEASE
Tough play for Derek Jeter BADHOP
Treasure-__ TROVE
Vacuum tube type TRIODE
Washer cycle RINSE
Winemakers Ernest and Julio GALLOS
__-fi SCI
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